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Treasure Beach is known for its relaxing, charming and authentic Jamaican place that offers six miles of sandy beaches, private coves and rocky shorelines. Near four bays (i.e. Calabash Bay, Great Bay, Billy’s Bay, Frenchman’s Bay, etc.) gives you choices and close to the Fishermen coast line. Treasure Beach Jamaica is one of the islands best kept secret and a true gem. If you want to leave the hustle and bustle of some of the more populated places in Jamaica to find relaxation and serenity this is the place for you!

The beach here is noticeably different from the other beaches as they are non-crowded and not yet
spoiled by industrialized tourism. The weather is mainly sunny as Treasure Beach gets the least amount of rainfall on the island.

The people of Treasure Beach and surrounding areas have their own distinct look, speech and way of being with an overwhelming friendly group of farmers and fishermen. The fruits are mouthwatering and the cuisine is delicious as almost all of the ingredients are fresh and from the farm.

There are lots to do and places to visit to experience this parish of St. Elizabeth known as
the “Breadbasket” of Jamaica.

For example:
  • You can drive to The Black River (44 miles long ), Wellington river/crawl cave, YS Falls, Santa Cruz, Fort Charles Beach, Wally-wash Pond (Great Pond), Bamboo Avenue, Lover’s Leap, Appleton Rum factory, or relax on the beach, go birdwatching/stargazing/fishing/snorkeling/enjoy  jazz music or the kids can go searching for fish/seashells,etc..
  • Doc’s on the Bay is close to the Fishermen coast line, a 7 minute walk to Jack Sprat Café (a popular attraction which is near the sea front offering seafood, pizza, ice cream etc...

  • A 20 minute drive from the newly (Dec. 2010) Lionel Densham Aerodrome, 35 minutes to Black River/Junction/South Field for a variety of shopping.                                                                        
  • You can book a boat tour, body surfing, jet ski, bike riding or enjoy a delicious meal at the famous Pelican’s Bar (situated in the middle of the sea).
Organized tours of St. Elizabeth can be arranged to view the surrounding area and rest of the Island just ask and we can tell you more. Feel free to explore from the freedom of your own vehicle, take a tour or travel by foot to the nearby shops and restaurants.Organized tour costs vary depending on where you want to go and if you are on a budget. It’s possible to get around for about U$50 per day per person by utilizing public transportation.

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Planning Tips:

  • Carry drinking water at all times. All tap and river water should be boiled or filtered before drinking.
  • Always take precautions against sunburn.
  • Bring an insect repellent.
  • Use common sense when exploring and always ask for permission before wandering onto private property. If you are uncertain, locals are happy to help or contact our property manager.
  • Remember that in newly developing tourist areas, local people will adapt to their perceived needs of the market. If you express an interest in a wild orchid and your guide offers to pick it for you, take the opportunity to explain that it is better to leave it for others to enjoy.
  • Do not hesitate to eat like local people. Roadside stands at Scotts Cove (fried fish and bammy) and Middle Quarters (hot-peppered ‘shrimps’) offer some of the best in Jamaican food and good value!

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