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Serendipity: The Phenomenon of Finding Valuable or Agreeable Things Not Sought

Synchronicity:Coincidence of events that seem to be meaningfully related

Greetings and Salutations My Friends!


I'm glad you dropped by for a visit- kick off your shoes, sit back, relax and make yourself right at home. There are a lot of things  to explore on this website- hidden treasures here and there- and more is being added on an irregular basis! It would be more "regular",,, but I have to work for a living!

The "theme" of this website is "Serendipity/Synchronicity". For a detailed explanation of the "method behind my madness" one may click on the hotlink to "Saltwater Cowboy's Basement Full of Old Webpages! This is where you will find "all of my 'mainpage' writings", or at least those that I have remembered to save!  

If you would like/need a quick explanation of "Serendiptiy/Synchronicity"- I remind you to scroll to the top of this page!

My life, and "Life" in general is full of "Serendipity/Synchronicity".

One of my favorite "all time great" comic strips is "Peanuts". It is, of course, a classic. There is a "lot of truth" in comics/cartoons and I am a fan of both!

One of my favorite Sunday Peanut comic strips has Linus and Charlie Brown laying on their backs and they are looking at the clouds in the sky.

Linus says- "You know Charlie Brown,,, lot's of people see lot's of things in the clouds. For instance,,, that cloud looks like "The Mona Lisa",,, and that cloud looks like Michalangelo's "Statue of David" and that cloud looks like the ceiling of the "Sistene Chapel".

"What do you see in the clouds Charlie Brown"? asks Linus.

"Well", replies Charlie Brown, "I was going to say Horsies and Duckies, but never mind".

Welcome, my friends, to my "Horsies and Duckies website".





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The "Queen Anne's Revenge", Blackbeard's pirate ship, has been found in the Beaufort Inlet. Blackbeard's real name is Edward Teach. The wreck lies a couple miles offshore from where I live. Here's Blackbeard's pirate flag.

There is more information about Blackbeard, the Queen Anne's Revenge and pirates on the "Pirates & Mates" page hotlinked in the list below- Enjoy!


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