Writing Tech Tools for Elementary


- lists only the standards that include technology and can be sorted by grade or subject

- a great resource for tech tools, listed by category

- extensive, valuable list of tech tools organized by what you want your students to be able to do


Rhyme Zone - rhymes, synonyms, definitions, etc.

Poetry Idea Engine - fun way to teach children about haiku, limerick, cinquain, and free verse

Mind Mapping

readwritethink Student Interactives - interactives for Organizing & Summarizing, Inquiry & Analysis, Writing Poetry, Writing & Publishing Prose, and Learning About Language - free mindmapping tool that doesn't require an account, allows for collaboration

Connected Mind - this Google App Extension offers simplistic mind mapping from your Google Drive


edublogs - create and manage student blogs for free

Kidblog - built for teachers (50 free student accounts) and easy for students

Entry/Exit Tickets - Instructional Strategies for Increasing Writing Frequency
***See also documents at bottom of page

Digital Collaboration

Pirate Pad - Easy online collaboration tool.  Share a link to have collaborators join.

Google Docs - Excellent collaborative tool if students have Google Accounts.  Includes remarkable tools including research, translation, revision history, and many new add-ons.  Up to 50 collaborators in the same doc.

Digital Storytelling

Storybird - create free account for students, allows for feedback from peers
***These are art-inspired stories!

Little Bird Tales - can create and manage students and lessons in free account

StoryJumper - create student accounts for free, and students can create free home accounts

Chogger - create your own cartoon strip, draw your own pictures, import or take pictures

Toonlet - create characters from a large library of options, make your own cartoon strip

Voki - create a speaking avatar using your own voice or a selected voice and share

Padlet - free wall to post/present information, enables links, docs, pics, video, etc.

Tools for Dealing With Complex Texts

Rewordify - paste text or a URL and get a simplified version that replaces difficult vocabulary.  Includes tools for reading level, highlighting options, adding or removing rewordified words, learning new vocabulary, and a teacher page.

Text Compactor - paste text in the box and use the slide bar to adjust the % of text you want to keep int he summary.  Only use for nonfiction.

Open Text Summarizer - Paste text or a URL into tool to get a condensed version or keywords.  Select the summarization ration and language of choice. Only use for nonfiction.

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