Literacy Tech Tools for Reading Comprehension

Readability - materials at various reading levels

Resources for Teachers: Reading Skills Practice
- free nonfiction articles available at three different reading levels for grades 3+, also includes lessons on reading skills

Newsela - demo
- free nonfiction articles about real world news available at five different reading levels, students can also take quizzes and view progress, teachers register free and generate a class code for student registration
demo - click the category of choice at the top and select an article, check out the reading level feature in blue at the right of the article, check out the quiz (if it has one), consider how this would you use this in the classroom without revealing student reading levels

- web search designed for kids by librarians, includes reading level

Readability - tools for comprehension

- text to speech
demo - try different types of texts with different voices and speeds, think of how you would use this tool in the classroom, consider why such a tool could be beneficial to all students, consider the same about a speech to text tool

- speech to text

- read internet material without distractions

- choose "search tools", "all results", "reading level" to filter articles by reading level

paste text or a URL and get a simplified version that replaces difficult vocabulary.  Includes tools for reading level, highlighting options, adding or removing rewordified words, learning new vocabulary, and a teacher page
demo - explore the settings to modify the results; explore the learning tools, teacher page, and classics; consider how you might use this tool in the classroom

- paste text in the box and use the slide bar to adjust the % of text you want to keep int he summary, only use for nonfiction

- Paste text or a URL into tool to get a condensed version or keywords, select the summarization ration and language of choice, only use for nonfiction

Tools for Increasing Reading TO Students

- popular picture books are read aloud by famous actors, activities sheet to go with each book
demo - browse the picture books and narrators, watch a story, check out an activity sheet, consider how you might share this resource with students/parents to increase time that students are read to

- great set of picture books narrated by professionals with moving pictures and highlighted text; also ebooks, read-alongs, videos, audio books, graphic novels, and nonfiction

Tools to Improve Reading Skills

- interactive reading skills practice organized by grade level and skill
demo - explore "Language Arts Activities - Common Core Aligned" under the grade level of choice, consider ways this site could be used to improve student reading skills

 - beginner, intermediate, and advanced reading skills games; hover over a title to see the target skill