sesión clínica psiquiatría. Día 13 abril 2010

Sesiones clínicas de salud mental:

Día 13 de abril 2010

 Servicio de PSIQUIATRÍA.


-Tema: Síndrome del sabio “le savant”  y el síndrome de Asperger.


 -A cargo del Dr. J. Alonso-Lej  y Helena Andrés, del Hospital Universitario Miguel Servet de Zaragoza. 

Lugar: Salón de Actos Muñoz Y Fernández del H.U.M. Servet.

8:30 horas.

 Bibliografía recomendada :


What is Savant Syndrome?

Dr. Darold Treffert, a Wisconsin psychiatrist, has been studying Savant Syndrome for over 40 years.

His book, Extraordinary People, was the first work to comprehensively summarize what is known about this fascinating condition, originally described a century ago, and to introduce the reader to a number of present day prodigious savants such as Leslie, Alonzo and George. Many persons remember these three remarkable persons from the 1980 60 Minutes program about them. Dr. Treffert was also a consultant to the movie Rain Man, in which Dustin Hoffman portrayed an autistic savant.

In addition to his work in the area of Savant Syndrome, Dr. Treffert has lectured nationally for a number of years on the topic of "Mellowing". His booklet, Mellowing: Lessons from Listening, has been widely distributed. Another area of writing and speaking has been the rights of the mentally ill with respect to balancing clinical realities with legal rights.

This site features further details about the research, lectures, and works of Dr. Treffert. For the latest updates on Savant Syndrome, please visit Dr. Treffert's Web site maintained through the 
Wisconsin Medical Society.