Princess Fart

Princess Fart

This is a walkthrough for Princess Fart, playable here: 

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1. Home scene

Grandma asks you to open the door. Walk down the stairs and open it. Wait until grandma walks off the screen and follow her.

2. Alien scene

After the cutscene is over, press [space] to skip the dialog, fart and exit the scene.

3. Back to home

To reach the top ladder, you need to knock down the alien with your fart, then jump on the alien and jump up into the ladder.

4. Holy bear's temple

Holy bear is generous to those who are humble. To get the pendant, you have to make sure you are not wearing the crown. To do that, go back home and sleep on the bed (press down on the bed). Jump out the window, climb the bottom ladder and go directly to the top ladder without picking up the crown. Once you are without crown, climb the green ladder in holy bear's temple all the way to the top, jump down to the left. You can now pick up the pendant.

5. The flute

Starting from the screen above the home, go all the way to the right and drop down into the hole. Then go two screens to the left and pick up the flute from the skeleton. Return to the home by going left.

6. Heart door

To reach the heart door, climb all the way to the top and use your fart to make a longer jump to the left platform. The door will open only if you have the pendant. You can then climb up to the house.

7. Ladysong the Giant

If you have the flute, go to the chair and sit there (press down on the chair). After the music plays, Ladysong's hair will grow. You can climb up the hair and land on her head. From there, make the jump to the left on the table and pick up the last hat. You will be disguised as "an alien disguising as a human"!

8. Alien base

Go back all the way left to the scene where you last saw the alien disguised as your grandma. The alien boss will come out of the ship again and start speaking to you. Once he's done, just fart on him and climb the ship.