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June 25, 2017

posted Jun 26, 2017, 8:32 AM by Susan Fernandez
Yikes. The readings today, on the surface, are a bit overwhelming. Jeremiah tells how he has been forced into this ministry and comes across nothing but resistance and Jesus warns his disciples how they will meet with opposition and scorn. 

But each holds hope. Jeremiah, despite being mocked and taunted, exclaims to “Sing to the Lord!” Jesus assures that if we hold God above other worldly things, we will be with him in Heaven. 

But to succeed, we need to be strong in our faith. How many times do we falter in our lives? For me, daily. Hourly even. At work, I get dragged down into arguments over ideas. At home, I lose my temper of dishes left behind. At church, I grumble at the hour I need to get out of bed. (Yes, I said it.) But for the things that are important, really, truly important, we find the strength to hold fast and persevere. That’s true in our faith. We need to find the strength to recognize bad things do happen, but our faith is strong enough to power through. And when we may weaken, sometimes we simply have to be strong enough to ask for help and trust our family, friends, and congregation can help carry the burden, or provide a newfound strength to become renewed and continue our work, here on Earth for the power of the good in Heaven.