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July 16, 2017

posted Jul 20, 2017, 7:28 AM by Susan Fernandez

We often overplan our lives. Early on we are told to “save for a rainy day” and the “early bird gets the worm.” Do we miss out? I believe in listening to my impulsive side now and again.

This past week’s Gospel (Matthew 13:1-9) is a parable of a sower of seeds. This is a highly recognizable parable, but also one that can have many interpretations. To me, I see a lesson of impulse mixed with nurturing. Did this farmer toss seeds everywhere on impulse knowing they won’t all take root? Would he have been wiser to makes rows and prudently place seeds in only good soil to optimize return?

There are times in my life I am grateful that I have planned well. I know I have a 401(k) for the future. My car is paid for. My son has the start of a college fund. But I am most proud of the times I acted on impulse. I went to Florida with my friends in college, barely affording my airfare. I saw an off (off) broadway show just because I was walking by.

As Christians, we need to act on impulse when the opportunity arises. God presents us with many cases. Do we pass by the homeless on the street? Or do we buy that person a sandwich at the shop around the corner? (Or plan ahead and donate to Midnight Run.) Do we pass the lost child because we are already late to a meeting, or stop to find her parents or the police? Our time is precious, but to whom? If we act out in the way we are taught, we make time to sow seeds where ever they present themselves. Sometimes it is in the thorns and nothing may grow there, but we must go forward and try.