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August 13, 2017

posted Aug 15, 2017, 5:54 PM by Susan Fernandez

Have faith. So easy to say, yet something we struggle with daily. Especially in times we see anger escalate, leaders clash, and friends turn to foes. In Matthew 14:22-34, we hear Jesus, who is walking on water, call out to Peter to come. Peter even asked to be called. But once he received the call and the reality of his surroundings struck him, he gave in to fear and faltered.

How many times do we talk the talk, but back down when it’s time to walk the walk. We want to be called to a challenge we see as worthwhile. It may be a promotion, an event, our family or school. But once we’re there, reality seems different than we thought.

Where does our faith break down? Do we pay too much attention to our surroundings and what could go wrong and not enough on our calling? Even when our faith cracks a bit, Jesus is there to catch us and raise us up, as he did Peter. I will try to wake tomorrow to ask how I can make the world better. It may not be in a grand way, but with faith to take that step forward, and knowing Jesus is there catch me if I do fall, I will succeed. So will you. Just try.