Green Screen

  1. Watch Podcasts-Green Screen Basics
  2. Choose and create one of the projects below.
  3. Produce to your camera roll and then upload to Youtube
Possible Projects
  1. Book Burp
  2. Poetry Slam
  3. Reader's Theater
  4. News reporter on location
  5. Science spotlight
  6. Social Studies: Just think of a student giving a presentation on Egypt while standing in front of one of the great pyramids. Goodbye boring chalkboard in the background.
    • Visit another country or planet
    • Visit another period in time
    • Historical figure
  7. Young students- ABC, Numbers/Counting, Color Story (Have student create backgrounds to go with what they recite)
  8. Original idea
DoInk Green Screen Intro

Tips on Building Backgrounds

Burp Backgrounds

Making Keynote Backgrounds

Do Ink Basics

Seuss Shorts to Read- Choose a Quote from one of the stories below.
Tap a Background and Press and hold to save to your Camera Roll.

Seuss Quotes

Backgrounds to use->Tap to open then press and hold to Save Image

Blank Green & Blue Screen to use in other apps to create Overlays- Tap to enlarge then Tap Hold to save Image

Overlay Images-These have a transparent background.
Press/Hold to save images below for overlay challenge. Can use Puppet pals or Animation by make overlay video.


Book Burps Site
Do Ink Blog Spot- Great Ideas and examples