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The warrior of light :)
We are responsible for everything that happens in this world. We are warriors of the light. With the strength of our love and of our will, we can change our destiny, as well as the destiny of many others.
Paulo Coelho 

Why "before eight" ? (do8 - rus.)

Scientists have proven that the gender of an unborn child depends on the interaction of hormones and the developing brain. We are emerging as asexual beings, and intensive development of sexual characters begin in the period of six to eight weeks. After eight - our sex (gender) is already determined. Our brain receives relevant portions of hormones which predetermine  whether we stay girls (yes, yes – in this case feminine origin is primary) or turn into boys under their influence.

That’s it  - girls or boys. With their differences, aptitudes, preferances, likes, affections, abilities. With their own brain structure that will determine our future behaviour: in the family, at school, at work, in relationship with friends and loved ones.



On this site you will find some of my sketches, illustrations, and vector graphics.

But this all happens after eight. And what is before? Before eight we are one whole, one single whole. We have just forgotten about it. But many of us can feel. In this world we are neither bad nore good, we are all diverse. But on a higher level,  in the face of  highest powers - we are one whole: male and female. We are a part of a single ocean.

We are a part of God.

Therefore, I sincerely wish that each of us find this forgotten part, realize ourselves as one-piece, - which we were ... before eight

Don’t you think it is a part of the grand plan called life?
Who knows.
I have began my search...

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