An International Collaborative Project
Proposed by

 A Group of Teachers from

 Ana Rivas

Silvia Heshiki

Claudia Carril

Débora Tebovich

 Miriam Mahapatra

Azhar Youssef



She has been an EFL teacher, Teacher Trainer, and a School Adviser. for the past 20 years. She has had the opportunity to work in three different continents. At present, she is based in Peru her homeland.. 

She is highly interested in new trends and devoted to own development. Although, she is a digital immigrant, she tries hard to keep up-to-date with technology for two reasons: to understand today´s learners, and to know about the latest information in the teaching and learning process around the world.

Silvia has been an EFL teacher for about 20 years now.

Brazilian, she lives in Londrina in the state of Paraná. She started teaching when she was only 15 years old and never thought it would be her profession. Now she loves it!!!
Usually teaches teens and adults.

She`s been involved with teacher training and Cambridge exams for a while now.

At moment, in charge of implementing the use of tablets in the classroom in the institution she works for.

She has been teaching English as a Foreign Language in Uruguay for many years. In the past she used to teach kindergarten children, but nowadays she mostly prepares students to take Cambridge or Trinity exams.

She loves reading, travelling and good films, but her passion is teaching English and trying to make a difference in teaching. Her students have been learning with a  wiki and blogs. They have been involved in different projects with Armenia, Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland and the USA.

She is a passionate EFL teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She teaches English face to face and online mainly to young learners and adults. 

She is interested in technology applied to Education to create memorable learning moments inside and outside the classroom.

She is a proud mentor at iTDi and an Online moderator.

She has co-moderated 
EVO-Crafting your ePerfect eBook and EVO-Developing Mentoring Skills.

She blogs at 
Datenglish and contributes at iTDi Blog .

Above all, she strongly believes in the power of Education to transform people's lives and she is committed to encourage freedom of thought and develop bonds to make our world a better place for all of us and for future generations.

She has been an educator for more than 20 years working with primary school children. She has edited text books and designed interactive lessons for use in government schools to support teachers with insufficient resources.

For the past five years, she has been working with the IB, PYP programme.

She has enjoyed being a part of this global curriculum. 

She is an Egyptian EFL Teacher for 10 years in Primary, Prep and Secondary Public Schools. She is a PhD Student in the Field of TEFL using Technology, a Teacher Trainer, INTEL Educator, Ideal Teacher, BloggerMicrosoft Innovative Educator, e-Teacher ScholarBest Edu Wiki Nominee 2011 (Welcome Back Egypt), ThinkQuest Competition Judge, Coursera Community TA, and Lifelong Learner at various universities, e.g., Oregon, Maryland, and Stanford. She was a PiL Global Forum Participant 2011, Washington DC, United States.

She is interested in using technology and its applications to make a difference in her classes. She tries to make connections between pedagogy and the available digital tools to create optimal learning environments where students can construct knowledge, collaborate and innovate. 

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