Auditorium Rules & Audience Etiquette

Auditorium Rules
We are very proud of our auditorium and want to keep it looking like new!  Please observe the following rules when you are in the D-NH auditorium:
- No beverages, food or gum in the auditorium

- Sit with your feet on the floor

- If the audience can hear the performers the performers can hear the audience

Audience Etiquette
In order to make every performance more enjoyable for all involved there are five rules that all audience members should follow:

1.    Never enter or leave a performance during a song.  This draws attention away from the performance.  You should wait until an applause or transition break.

2.    Always have your full attention on the performers.

3.    Never talk during a performance.

4.    Avoid taking flash pictures or using cell phones.

5.    Always clap at the end of a performance.

6.    See bold/underlined rule above.