Supply Lists

Supply List 2009-10

A required assignment book will be given to you at the beginning of the year.  If it is lost, replacement assignment books cost $5.00.

Mr. Gingery
8th (Science)
3 ring binder
Loose leaf narrow lined paper
Black or blue pens
Colored pencils (box of 12)
Ruler and protractor

Mrs. Amling
7th (Life Skills)
l spiral notebook or paper
2 writing utensils (not red/pink) lead or ink
1 folder

Mrs. Amling
7th (Study Skills)
1 pencil
1 blue or black pen

Mrs. Amling
8th (Spanish)
2 pocket folder
1 spiral notebook
1 pkg. of 3x5 index cards
Pens & pencils

Mrs. Rokes
7th (Science)
1 spiral notebook
Blue or black pens
Colored pencils

Ms. Miller
(Physical Education)
Shorts/sweatpants (other than what you wear to school)
T-shirt/sweatshirts (other than what you wear to school)
Tennis shoes (no platform tennis shoes or backless tennis shoes)
Personal hygiene items
Notebook folder

Mrs. Lashbrook
At least two blue or black ink pens
Several pencils
A red (or brightly colored) checking pen
2-3 spiral notebooks
2 pocket folders
Writing paper
Colored pencils

Mr. Parker
1 5-section spiral notebook

Mrs. Eilderts
(Math )
Scientific Calculator
Notebook paper
Pencils & erasers

Mrs. Sundstedt
(7th & 8th Social Studies)
Set of 12 colored pencils
3 ring binder w/ side pockets (1”- 2”)
Loose-leaf paper
Pens & pencils
1(fine point) black marker

Mr. Cuvelier
(7th & 8th Health  &
8th Careers )
1 2-pocket folder per class
1 pencil
1 blue or black pen
25 sheets of notebook paper (in folder)

5-6 Book covers (brown paper bags will work)