Files trong U-Tube không giữ lâu, nên lưu lại sau khi xem nếu thấy hay; cách dễ nhứt là lên mạng kiếm Freecorder về setup, sau đó coi xong cứ thoải mái save.

Ngoài ra, muốn coi U-tube cho hay thì có 10 bí quyết do "chiên da" Quang bày như sau.

The youtube video experience is good by itself but we even got some cool tricks to make the video experience even more better with the help of adding some codes to youtube video URL.

1. Watch YouTube video in high quality

Generally YouTube videos are in normal quality, sometimes it allows you to switch some of your videos in high quality. Add &fmt=18 or &fmt=22 at the end of your youtube video video URL on address bar of your browser to switch between the different qualities for your youtube video.

For instance your youtube video URL is then add &fmt=18 at the end of the video URL so that it looks like to view your youtube video in High Quality.

2. Embed youtube video in high quality

Like viewing the YouTube video in high quality there is also the option to embed that video outside youtube in high quality. Append &ap=%2526fmt%3D18 or &ap=%2526fmt%3D22 to the embed part of video URL.

For example the video source inside the video embed code is then add&ap=%2526fmt%3D18 to all places in the video embed code and make it look like and save the embed code. Now be ready to watch the embedded youtube video in high quality.

3. Enable autoplay in embedded video

After you take your player to autoplay mode of your embedded video, your video gets loaded itself with the load of the page and starts playing itself without the hit on the play button by the user. Its the best way to keep your viewers active.

To add this cool feature to player of your embedded youtube video, Just add &autoplay=1 to the video URL on the embed code of your youtube video like in 2 and save the code.

4. View regional blocked video

This trick can be also called the trick to watch the youtube in full browser window mode but also allows you watch some regional blocked videos. For instance your youtube video URL is then make it to in the address bar and Enjoy the video.

5. View videos in 3D

This is a new feature added by youtube, It allows you to watch youtube videos in 3D. The uploaded video should have been taken from both right and left angles so that it will work as 3D. Of course you should need a 3D glass to view that.

To view the youtube video in 3D, add &yt3d:enable=true to the end of your youtube video URL on the browser address bar and Enjoy the 3D video wearing the 3D glass.

6. Add loop to embedded video

once you add loop to your embedded video, the video will get automatically played again after the video reaches the end. To add loop feature to your embedded video, add &loop=1 to the end of the video URL in your embed code of the video.

7. Embed only a part of video

Suppose you got a 5 minutes long video and you want to show that video to other people starting from first 30 seconds because the first 30 seconds might be boring. So add &start=30 to the embed of that video to skip the first 30 and make the video start from 31 second when a user hits play button. Its format is &start=<value>, here <value> refers to the number of seconds you want to skip in that particular video.

8. Jump to Specific part of video

Make the youtube video play from the same time you want to show. Add #t=10m12s to the end of your youtube video URL in your browser and make the video load from 10 minute and 12 seconds. Its useful while you are sending the youtube video link to your friend to show something important occurred on some time inside that video.

9. Disable related videos in player

Suppose you have embedded some video to your blog related to some installation and you didn’t want to show other related videos might be of other authors after the video ends. So to disable that, add &rel=0 to the embed code of your video.

10. Hide search box in player

A search box is appears on your youtube embedded video player when users hover that embedded video. To hide that search box from your embedded video player, add &showsearch=0 to the embed code of your youtube video and disable the search box.