David Newheiser

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where I'm at

I'm a postdoctoral research fellow in the Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry at the Australian Catholic University.

broadly speaking...

My research addresses ethical and political questions in light of classic Christian thought and contemporary continental philosophy. I specialize in apophatic mysticism and in Jacques Derrida's relation to religion. I also work on the topics of power and biopolitics, secularization, and the history of sexuality.

what I'm up to

August 2015 - early publication of "Theology and the Secular" in Political Theology

June 2015 - presentation of "Religion and Politics in Hobbes and Derrida" at Décrire et réduire: en quête des phénomènes, a conference hosted by L'Institut Catholique de Paris

March 2015 - publication of "Sexuality and Christian Tradition" in The Journal of Religious Ethics