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Emotional Adjustment after injury

Just like everything else in life, knowledge is power.  Understanding our emotions and why we have them, gives us the power to change the way we react to our emotions.

My Background

My name is Dawn Neumann and I specialize in emotions. I have my MA in Psychology and will be receiving my doctorate in Rehabilitation Science in the Spring 2008.  Rehabilitation science is the study of  disabilities from the perspective of various rehabilitation disciplines.  It seeks to understand the needs of people with different disabilities, and covers from basic science to improving functional outcomes and quality of life.  Much of the purpose of Rehabilitation Science is to establish a greater understanding of the types of treatments that are being used and determining the actual effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of rehabilitation approaches. 

Throughout my graduate career, I have concentrated on improving the emotional processing of people primarily with brain injury.  I am so lucky to have Dr. Willer as an advisor.  He is not only a wonderful person, but is internationally renowned in the field of brain injury.   I owe much of my accomplishments to his constant guidance and encouragement.  Together, Dr. Willer, my colleague Barbra Zupan, and myself developed several treatment programs that have been found useful in helping people recognize their own emotions as well as those that they interact with.  In describing my project to others, several people have commented on how useful the information could be to all people who have emotional problems.  After pondering this for awhile, I felt that maybe I do have a skill that could be used to help a larger set of people.  

Please note that I am not a psychologist, or a medical doctor. Information on this or following pages are mere suggestions. They are not proven strategies and may not be pertinent to everyone. If you are having persistant emotional complications, I suggest you contact your doctor immediately (either a medical doctor, or psychologist or psychiatrist).

I would like to thank my Mom, Dad, and husband for all of their support and faith in me when I decided to go back to school to get my Ph.D.


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