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DND: We look forward to your comments and hope you enjoy using it.

Yes very much so
We use our ipads daily with our kids


Hello. My name is Jay and I have recently purchased your economical waterproof case. I am very happy with it thus far. It is an excellent product.

iSpa - Entertainment for Jacuzzi Geeks

So I just added a 5 Person Hot Tub, and Gazebo in my new house, and I want to have music, movies, and of course Internet access (as well as home automation, nothing gets a geek girl hotter, then being able to control things from a iPad in a Hot tub!)  Read more...

Waterproof iPad2 Case DnD Distribution Review

Posted By Tazim On 09 Dec 2011. Under Gadgets  Tags: iPad2review  

I knew I wanted one even before I knew what I wanted to use it for—I absolutely love my iPad2. I want to use it every chance I get—but until now, I wasn’t able to use it in the bathtub or sitting by a swimming pool.


The waterproof locking case for iPad and iPad2 from DND Distribution securely locks on three sides so that no water is able to seep in. There is even a little cloth that comes with it so that you can test it out under water before putting your iPad in the case. The outside is made of really durable, heavy black plastic—I like this because I like having my iPad really well protected.

I wasn’t sure if the clear plastic on the top of the case would allow me to use my iPad properly—but things are pretty smooth-sailing! I would use this case for reading magazines near the water, mostly—but it’s nice to know that I could use it normally, too.

Case Open

I look forward to heading somewhere with a beach or a swimming pool next year to really test this case out!

About the case:

1)      waterproof standard IPX7

2)      dimension is 9.65 x 11.81 x 1.12 in 

        (24.5 x 30 x 2.85 cm)

3)      plastic :

-              Frame:   ABS

-              transparent film (top ):  ATBC

-              transparent film (bottom ):  PVC

Costing $79, this waterproof iPad case can be purchased directly fromDNDDistribution.


If you know someone who has an iPad and already has an ‘ordinary’ case, this one would be great for a holiday gift, since it will allow them to use their iPad near water without worrying about damaging it.

I received the iPad case in order to conduct this review. Opinions are 100% my own. I was not compensated in any other way.

iPad Case Review: DNDistribution2011 iPad and iPad 2 Waterproof Case

Reviewed by Tong Zhang

Editor's Ratings (1-5): 3.5

What's Hot: Fits both iPad and iPad 2, waterproof, shock resistant.

What's Not: Not form fitting, no port and button access. 

With more and more tablets getting into the hands of field workers, military ground troops and other professions, it's odd that there aren't as many cases that protect the tablets from harsh environments. DNDistribution2011 makes two cases for the iPad and iPad 2 that protect the tablets from water, dust, rain and more. Of the two versions, the more rugged version passes military standard (MIL810F) and is much bulkier and more shock resistant. The less bulky waterproof case however is for those who are looking for a waterproof case that isn't hugely thick and easy to take the tablet out or put it in. The thinner waterproof case is also a lot more affordable than the military grade version.


The DNDistribution2011 Waterproof iPad and iPad 2 Case is a hard plastic case that fits both iPad versions and meets IPX7 waterproof standard. That means you can put the tablet in this case under 3 feet of water and won't get your tablet wet. Deeper than that, there is no guarantee that the pressure from water won't seep through the case. The DNDistribution2011 Waterproof case has a strong ABS hard shell that can help absorb a good amount of shock should you drop your iPad or iPad 2. The hard shell opens like a book, and the front and back pieces connect via strong hinges and shut with four heavy-duty pull snaps. Inside the hard shell, the case has a frame for the tablet to sit in, though this frame isn't form fitted exactly for either iPad models, it fits better for the original iPad. For the skinnier iPad 2, the case includes 4 corner tabs to elevate the tablet in the deeper frame, but these tabs aren't anchored down. This means you need to fiddle with it for a while before putting them all in the perfect locations to line up the iPad 2 in the frame. The tablet frame has water seal material surrounding the tablet, and when you close the hard shell, the water seal edges will shut the water out perfectly. The closure snaps are wide, and feel strong and sturdy. 

The case protects the front and back of the iPad 2 with plastic films, and you can use the touch screen through the film. While both film covers are transparent, the front film has ATBC mix which makes it clearer and more flexible. The back film is stiffer which is fine for protecting the back of the iPad from being scratched. The DNDistribution Waterproof case comes in two colors, white and black.


The DNDistribution Waterproof case is essentially a carrying case for users who take their tablets to environments where they will be exposed to rain, water, dirt and dust. While it can protect the tablet from the element, it doesn't offer easy access to ports and buttons, unlike DNDistribution2011's more rugged version of the case that actually offers access to the audio jack and control buttons. The display is easy to use while in the case, and the Home button and both cameras are functional under the clear plastic films.


If you work in the field or take your tablet out for boating or to the beach, the DNDistribution2011 Waterproof case can certain protect your iPad or iPad 2 from rain, water, sand or dirt. It's waterproof up to 3 feet and provides pretty good shock protection thanks to the strong ABS frame. The film protection for the display isn't as strong as their rugged case, but can certain protect against scratches. You have access to the touch screen, the Home button and both front and rear cameras while your tablet is in the case. The case is harder to use for iPad 2 users as you need to use the little plastic tab pieces to position the thinner iPad 2 in the tablet frame. You also lose the button and port access while the tablet is sitting in the case.

Price: $79.99
Web site: DNDistribution2011

I was sent the Economical Waterproof Hard Case for every day use in black to review. I really love this case,although I wasn’t brave enough to put my iPad2 in the case and submerge it in water here is a video of just that being done.  I did however,put a piece of paper inside of the case and submerge it in water. When I opened the case and got the paper out it was dry,not the least bit wet.  I use this case when me and my husband go riding on the Dune Buggy and I take my iPad2 with us. With this case,I don’t have to worry about my iPad2 being destroyed if we get muddy or wet. Very durable case and fairly easy to put your iPad2 into. It does have adapters that make it compatible with the iPad2 and it takes a little longer to put the iPad2 in the case than the video shows putting the iPad in. Here is the video link: AM –iPad waterproof case underwater demonstration –DN Distribution

This case is designed with water sports,games and spa in mind. Its special,unique and state-of-art design can guarantee 100 % waterproof,even under 1 meters deep in the water. This case is ideal for people who go to the beach a lot because it will keep the sand away from your iPad/iPad2. If you are adventurous this case is for you. If you like water sports or boating I recommend this case for sure. It can be used every day as well. I use it every day. I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who has really tested this case. She is NEVER STILL and loves the iPad2,so if this case has protected my iPad2 against my daughter,you can bet it will withstand most anything you can throw at it. You can purchase the case on DNDistribution2011website. 

From Panbo blog: 

I' ve been using the iPad Case from Andres Industries now for 3 months.
It is amazing how good everything works.

I've been testing it first inside my house under the shower without iPad inside (just to be sure). Then I did the same with the Ipad inside. 
It works fine.

In my opinion this is what you need on your boat when using the iPad as a navigationtool. No water / humidity inside, and the display works fine. even the buttons. I used it in some regatta's (app: iregatta) and some cruising (iNavx and Navionics). For me it is the ultimate extra and flexible tool outside on the boat.
This is for me the future.
(maybe you think that it is my name but I have no connection with them).

Posted by: André at February 6, 2011 9:06 AM 

From Teddythebear:

Andres sells a waterproof case for iPad1 and iPad2 for less than 300 Euros. Really robust and absolutely waterproof! Perfect for yachts.

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Anonymous iPad Case said...

Water damage can easily destroy your iPad and it might never work. To protect your iPad against it, you need waterproof iPad cases. This case protect your iPad against rain or splash on the beach. They are made from special material that gives these iPad cases the ability to keep out water. Thanks a lot.

12:36 AM

The Waterproof iPad case is an item that is made to protect the Wi-Fi / 3G Model 16GB, 32GB and the 64GB iPads against water damage as well as any damage from food, dust and dirt. It is made from lightweight plastics along with other types of materials. The case is not much bigger than the iPad itself, it was made to fit the device securely so it will not move around too much in the case and the case itself will not wrinkle or bunch up under the owner’s fingers when the electronic device is in use. The user inserts his or hers iPad into the case without effort, the front of the case is made out of clear plastic that allows for regular screen operation and the screen maintains total sensitivity so there are no interruptions for the operator.