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Protection against drops (US military standard MIL -STD-810F)

posted Jun 19, 2012, 4:30 AM by Daniel Noiseux
In adition to the water protection test, our products are tested against drops and impacts,

too, in order to comply with the US military standard MIL -STD-810F. The conditions of the

test are specified in method 615.5 procedure IV.

Test conditions

The product to be tested is dropped 26 times from a height of 122 cm (48 inches) onto

concrete. It has to hit the floor in each vulnerable position, which means faces, edges and

corners. After the test, the products have to be fully operational and present no visual damage.

Why this procedure? Field data have shown that a typical piece of portable material will be

dropped from heights up to 122 cm, (average chest height), on average of four to six times

during its life circle. The 26-drop requirement ensures each vulnerable point of a product is


To comply with other standards, other conditions can be set for the drop test, too.

Before starting a drop test, all corner, edges and sides which can be the first to hit the floor,have to be defined as test points. After hat, the device has to fall down on every of these points to make sure that the whole device is rugged against impacts.

Berlin, 05.04.2011