Rugged military grade iPad case accessories

Accessories specificaly designed by the manufacturer of the High end military grade case Andres Industries. 

4 |  Plug replacement Kit
All 3 Plugs and one replacement gasket in one kit.
No. 290054 - 25.00 USD
5 |  Screenfoil Replacement Kit
Includes screenfoil, screen gasket and main gasket.
No. 290055 - 39.99 USD
6 |  Shoulder strap

Replace the Rubber Feet on the backside with metal holders for a shoulder strap. So you can easily install or remove the shoulder strap within seconds. 920-1300x40mm.
No. 290060 -  29.99 USD
7 |  Hand strap
Hand strap for Andres Waterproof iPad cases

Instead or in addition of the shoulder strap, you can install a hand strap for a safer carrying.
No. 290070 - 36.99 USD
8 | Quick snapper

To remove the case from it's holder without using tools within seconds. It is compatible to the RAM 202 and so to nearly all other RAM-Mount-Units (not included).    
No. 290080

9 | Waterproof charger cable 
Water tight charging cable for Andres waterproof iPad case
This connector allows the iPad to recharge while inside the protective case, this will allow you to use the iPad for hours without running out of battery. Perfect for navigating installed at the helm. 
  • Screws are Stainless Steel.
No. 290058 - 64.95 USD

Daniel Noiseux,
Jun 24, 2011, 1:11 PM