Is Homoeopathy a safe and effective way to treat medical issues, and for that matter, does it really work?

This kind of question is absolutely normal and only reasonable when you first encounter the art of Homoeopathy or someone who practices it. 

Well, the first thing that should be understood is that Homoeopathy will most certainly NOT work for everything. No. Homoeopathy isn't a 'panacea' for all of life's ills and diseases. People and their ailments are just too complicated and unique to be able to make such a claim. But then, the vast majority of what we call Allopathic medical claims can not claim to be effective in all situations either.

Having said that, there are many times and situations where Homoeopathy will work where other ways of treating problems miserably fail! There have been times when as a Homoeopath I have wondered if I was not suffering from a serious delusion myself. But then, as a practicing Homoeopath I have seen it work. And once you have actually seen the changes it brings about in people all doubt flies out the door. 

It would not be acceptable to publish the intimate details of successful cures here on the internet. However, below are some freely given testimonials from some people who have benefited from Homoeopathy in my practice. I have chosen to keep the last names of all of the people who gave me these testimonials confidential so you just have the first name and last initial. I repeat: These testimonials were all freely given out of a deep sense of gratitude for the help that these people feel that they have received, and in the hope that the word of this marvelous gift to humanity from Samuel Hahnemann over 250 years ago will grow and become more accepted. 

Read and enjoy.

Hello David & Sharon,

I wanted to update you on my  health condition not only for your records but, also to thank you and David for all that you've done for me!  Thanks for investing your time in me, and thanks for going over and above my expectations!  So, here's what was going on in my life before my consultation with David...  

 In August 2003, I was diagnosed with a pituitary gland brain tumor...which is very common but, boy does it mess up your hormones... on top of that I had been treated for sleep apnea, and also diagnosed with idiopathic hypersomnia which basically means (sleepy all of the time, but they don't know why).  In addition to that also found out that I had mitral valve prolapse, and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).  So.... 33 years old + 10 prescription medications  costing me close to $1,200 per month due to my Cobra Ins running out.  Something had to be done!  I had no energy, uncontrollable headaches, and every time that I ate anything...my headache increased, and my energy level would drop even more.  It was the strangest thing.  But, I thought I would really just have to deal with it.  My best hours of the day were from 8-12 and then after that I shut down.  So you can imagine how much my business suffered.

When Sharon asked me if I had ever seen a homoeopath....I told her I had never even heard of one.  Then she told me about David.  I immediately set an appointment to talk to him.  After speaking with him over the phone, I could tell that he was concerned about me.  He couldn't believe what  was going on.  This was a challenge for him I'm sure. 

After reviewing my tape he came up with a remedy, put it in the mail to me, I received it on April 10th.  By the next morning....I felt so much better!

So now here I am!  It's December 04 and just last month I had another cat scan, and it was negative!  The tumor was gone!  So I asked the Dr if the medication I was taking had anything to do with it?  I just assumed at $33 per pill it should have removed it!  LOL!  Well anyway, the Dr shook his head no, and said, I've never heard of them going away on their own.  l know that I had lots of people praying for me.  So first of all I give credit to GOD.  I truly believe that GOD puts people in your path when you need them.

I am so thankful for God putting me on Sharon's heart that day.   I am thankful for David and his wonderful talents.  He truly has a gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

 I'm looking forward to the extra money I'll be saving now that I don't have to take some of the medicine I was taking. 

 My production has increased with my business and we even broke our own record this month.  I just got word that I was the #2 MOST IMPROVED Sales Director in my National Area last month!  We just qualified for our 6th new company car!   I'm counting my blessings and ready to Jump into January with full force!

 Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

 Angie G

Albertville, Alabama

Update June 2005:

I haven't been back to any Doctors!!!!!  Can you believe it?  As you may recall...my monthly medication cost was almost $1,200.  I wanted you to know that I only take 2 medications now. I can deal with that!!!  Thanks so much to you and David!



How can I ever thank you. I am now a believer. You have done something quite wonderful for me and my life is changed for the better forever because of it. You really have an extraordinary skill with this Homoeopathy. Oh I still have my arthritis yet, but I think even that has improved some, but what has really improved has been everything else almost. Things I never even told you about David. I was just too ashamed to. But that doesn’t matter any more either because I don’t wet the bed at night anymore. So my friend, after over 5 years of banishment, you have freed me to go back to the matrimonial bed again. I still wear the diaper, but it is so good to wake up in the morning dry – you have no idea. Goldie thanks you too. Good grief David even my relationship with Shep my dog is good now! The Arnica takes care of almost all of the pain but I only use it now and then and I seem to be able to tolerate the idea of my disease all so much better.

I know that you are not a Christian, but I think that my God has given you a special gift. As a Christian I claim the right to say God bless you David, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.




Hello, my name is Melissa. I want to share with you my experience with David Board, my Homoeopathic Guide. First I want to tell you why I decided to try Homoeopathic treatment. Very early in my teenage years I began to develop a very hairy body. As I got older it turned into a real problem. Now the hair became coarse and very dark. The coarse hair was growing mostly on my neck, chin, and jaw line and on my chest. I went to doctors to get help and they would run tests. They found that I have too much male hormone. They wanted to fix the problem with birth control pills which always made the problem much worse. Also the birth control would make my women cycles out control. I would have a cycle for months straight, and then I would go months without one. Also I never had energy and was always tired with no motivation for anything. The doctors were never able to help me or even want to. So when I heard that David Board was a Homoeopathic Guide I decided to give it a try. David was excited about helping me. He was very easy to talk to; also he was very accurate on a lot of my problems. I received my treatment four days after talking with him. I took my treatment for two days. The next week I saw several changes in my body. First I had more energy and motivation. This was a wonderful change. Next I noticed the things that David said would happen. He was very excited to hear what I was experiencing because that means he had zoned in on my main problem. Most impressive is that my women cycles are back on schedule. I am confident that I will keep seeing more improvements every month. Not only am I seeing a difference but others are as well. I am happy to have had the chance to have David as my Homoeopathic guide. I am sure you to will find it a benefit to try this exciting treatment. Thank you David for everything.



Wheeling, West Virginia 


To whom it may concern:

Several months back, suffering from deep depression and emotional upheaval triggered by my father’s cataclysmic illness, a recent divorce and a general feeling of purposelessness, my friend and artistic colleague David Board suggested that he might be able to treat my malady with homoeopathy, which he described to me in layman’s terms. Though somewhat doubtful, I decided that I had nothing to lose.

After a lengthy conversation which touched but briefly upon my current woes, but ranged over the course of my entire life and my reactions to the events therein, David departed, returning several days later with what he hoped would be an accurately personalized remedy for me. Shortly after I had ingested it, the initial reaction was what must be described as a human flood: without becoming graphic, I poured from every possible orifice in my body—sweating profusely, weeping uncontrollably, etc. This continued for several hours before gradually subsiding, leaving me feeling exhausted, of course, but also, oddly, cleansed. That night, I slept soundly without benefit of drugs, which hadn’t been the case for a long time. For the next several weeks, I noticed a decided upswing in my mood and my ability to execute my various responsibilities. Now, several months later, while I have experienced several situational emotional setbacks, the quality of my spiritual life remains improved, a phenomenon which I attribute both to David Board’s treatment and to the healing quality of time.

He has made me a believer.


Thomas S. 

Wheeling, West Virginia 


 When I was 10 years old, I began experiencing severe pain in my knees and then in my other joints. My doctors told me it was "growing pains" and would go away, but it didn't. I was unable to participate in everyday activities during my teen years. I visited many doctors who made me feel like I was crazy, that it was all in my head, or that I was a wimp. I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon for my knee pain. After performing arthroscopic surgery, he discovered that the synovial membrane in my knee was extremely inflamed, much as it would be if I had rheumatoid arthritis. However, a multitude of new tests and new doctors showed that I did not have that disease, or any other one they could identify. The best response I got was "Honey, I don't know what you have, but I can tell you what you don't have." After surgery on the other knee revealed that it was even worse than the first one, my mother mentioned my problems to her friend, David Board. David was still training to be a homoeopath at that time and was at the point in his studies that he needed a case to take, and I became his first patient.

I had also been very depressed. I had moved five hours from home to attend school into a town where I knew no one. My life consisted of going to school, going to work, and sleeping. I found myself taking pain pills and sleep aids often to help relieve some of my symptoms; not a good way to be living at the age of 21. After seeing David, my energy level began to improve and things in my life seemed to begin to improve. I got a new job that I liked, I made new friends, and things went better at school. My joint pain seemed to improve some, but I'd had it for 11 years by then so I knew not to expect it to go away overnight. In late August, I contracted mononucleosis. I basically didn't eat for two weeks. Although I did manage to go to work and school, I spent every possible moment sleeping. My one tonsil became very enlarged, but the worst symptom was my liver. On a Wednesday, my liver enzymes were well over 400 and my doctor wanted to admit me to the hospital. She told me that I had until Monday. If they weren't better by then I would be admitted. David gave me a remedy on Wednesday, which I took that night, on Thursday, and on Friday morning. On Monday I was feeling much better, and a blood test revealed that my liver enzymes were 93! In less than a week of taking the remedy I was able to eat normally. I couldn't believe I could go from being so sick to feeling so good so quickly. It was nothing short of a miracle.

Megan W.

Winston Salem, North Carolina 


Several years ago I began investigating alternative medicine as a possible solution to some medical problems. I had scalp psoriasis that steadily worsened, strange eruptions on my face, psoriasis spots on my arms, legs and body, and various medical problems...none immediately life threatening but all annoying, and seeing traditional doctors wasn’t helping. My thyroid was low, my blood pressure was high, my “bad” cholesterol was high and the “good” was low, I had elevated liver enzymes and diverticulitis. Several areas of my blood tests were slightly abnormal, something my doctor assured me was no cause for alarm. My concern was that I was getting older every day and I was afraid that all these slightly abnormal things would eventually catch up to me. I simply felt that my body was "out of sync." I was spending approx. $120 every three months just in co-pays for my office visits and seven medications, all the while continuing to feel worse. Not to mention that, as a sales director for a major cosmetics company, it was very embarrassing to constantly have flakes of skin on my shoulders and large eruptions on my face.

After my first session with David, I began to notice a steady improvement in my overall health and in my attitude. After just 3 months, almost all of my blood work was totally normal. The only real problems remaining were my skin problems, which, although better, were far from gone. It was at that point that David put the clues together and realized that I was experiencing a sensitivity to formaldehyde and other chemicals in my environment. After being treated for that problem, I noticed an improvement in my skin within days. After just two months, my skin is much healthier and I've noticed a dramatic improvement in overall health and well being.

A little over a year after beginning homoeopathic treatment with David, I was feeling healthier and happier than I can remember ever feeling. Although the stressful situations in my life haven't improved, my ability to handle them has. I'm sleeping better and making healthier choices for my life. I don't have flakes on my shoulders, and I'm getting compliments on my complexion. I am at this point healthier physically, mentally and emotionally than I've been in at least 15 years. I feel like I have my life back.

Sharon W

Glen Dale, WV


It may seem odd that we would consult a homoeopath for help with the family cat, but we were appalled by the only suggestion the vet had to offer—expensive tranquilizers. Since her primary caregivers, our parents, had died, the cat was not herself. Princess seemed “depressed,” was lethargic and wanted constant attention. Like many cats, when Princess was “herself” she had been affectionate but independent as well, which was often demonstrated by a really aloof air. Now she was always seeking a lap and would bite at you if you tried to get up and disturbed her, and she meowed incessantly for food she was seldom satisfied with, or for no apparent reason at all. What was most disturbing was how, for months now, she would not go into the rooms where she would most commonly have found our parents while they were alive, places where she used to curl up contentedly. Now she would sit in the doorways, especially in the middle of the night, and cry or howl loudly and stare as if she were seeing ghosts.

 We were very concerned for this poor creature that we figured had suffered a great loss just as we had but that could not comprehend what had happened. My sister, a friend of David Board, asked David for help and was glad that he was amenable to taking down “the symptoms” of our distressed cat, and offered us a homoeopathic remedy, with no promises that it would help lots of encouraging words.

In fact, it did work. We can think of nothing else to account for the dramatic, virtually overnight change in Princess’s behavior. Two nights after being given the remedy in her food the cat finally did not sadly howl at the empty rooms but resumed her normal nocturnal prowlings and ever since would sleep once again in the favorite places she’d been avoiding since our parents death. Her energy returned, her appetite returned to normal, and she stopped being so clingy and regained her playfulness.

It may seem like a small thing to turn a cat’s life around, but for us it meant a great deal and we are so appreciative that David Board was not only willing to try and help our pet, but succeeded as well.

Anne B.

Jan. 2004


I began my natural health journey in 2001.  At the time, I was taking 4 prescriptions and I wasn’t getting any better.  In fact, I felt worse. 

I worked in Pittsburgh at the time and that was over a 2 hour drive round trip from my home.  I started listening to alternative doctors on 620 AM during my commute.  They sure made a lot of sense; more so then traditional medicine.   I decided to make an appointment with one of these doctors.  And as they say, the rest is history.  I had chiropractic adjustments, trigger point muscle therapy and started taking supplements.  I was feeling so much better and I stopped taking all prescriptions except one.  I continued to take Atenolol for an irregular heartbeat.  I was able to reduce the dosage but I still had to take it.  Then along came Sharon and David…………………

Sharon knew how interested I was in alternative medicine and asked if I would like to try homeopathy, pointing out that she had experienced great success with it.  I agreed to an interview with David.  My first interview was in April, 2004, and I received a remedy.  By August, 2004, I hadn’t seen much improvement and David wanted to do another interview.  After that interview and a different remedy my health started to improve. 

 I no longer have frequent headaches; I sleep better and I have my energy back.  I continued to reduce my dosage of Atenolol and now I no longer take it.  I am 61 years old and I do not take any prescription drugs.

 Homeopathy has helped me so much but it doesn’t do it all.  You must take responsibility for your own health.  Eat right, exercise and listen to your body.  God made your body to heal itself.  You just have to listen to what it is trying to tell you.  For example, if I eat sugar or white flour I get an irregular heartbeat.  If I eliminate the problem food from my diet I do not have to take a prescription drug that actually only treated the symptom and did nothing to correct the problem. 

David is deeply concerned about your health and truly wants to help.  As long as you are willing to work with him he will never give up on you.

Linda C.

Moundsville, WV