Quantum Homeopathy

Homoeopathy and Quantum Physics

Samuel Hahnemann discovered Homoeopathy almost 250 years ago and today it is interesting to note that since that time the principles have remained unchanged, while the methods, the theories and the practices of the medical establishment have all been overturned and changed beyond recognition and continue to change unapologetically today.

The field of medicine has long been dominated by the discipline of physics of one form or another, hence the use of the term physician for the practitioners of this ancient and noble art. It comes as no great wonder to Homeopaths then that the best and brightest minds in the field of medicine have waged a constant and radically changing battle with the constantly evolving and changing developments in science and the intelligence of the diseases that have plagued human kind over the last few centuries. The very dilemma at the root of this struggle today may prove to be the two distinct types of physics involved in the forces of life and the diseases that assail it. Those two forces are one, the old school and well known discipline of 'macro' physics, that have been largely explained by the likes of Sir Issac Newton et al, and two, the new recently discovered world of 'micro' physics where the rules subtly change and that have as yet no Iconic personalities to systematically codify the system we presently and somewhat optimistically refer to as quantum physics. It maybe also prove true that the smaller and more mysterious domain of the quantum world is where the ultimate control of these diseases lays waiting to be discovered and properly understood.

You don't have to be a Newton or an Einstein to recognize that the systematic dilutions of remedies used in Homoeopathy puts that practice fairly and squarely in the range or realm of quantum physics. Of course when Hahnemann discovered homoeoapthy and the use these quantum scale remedies, the theory and discovery of quantum physics was still over two centuries away in the future. Is there any wonder then that he was ridiculed and lambasted for his claims?

But with 250 years of practice to its credit there is ample evidence to prove that something is active and working with Homoeoepathic remedies. Today you have to accept that as strange as it may sound, these extremely diluted remedies do contain some miniscule part, or retained some kind of qualifying influence, of the remedy that they began the dilution with. In light of the fact that they are known to work exceptionally well on highly complex and evolved organisms like pigs, horses, dogs and cats, this eliminates the possibility of the so called placebo effect being responsible, or the power of psychological suggestion etc. The only explanation for their effectiveness therefore has to be that there is a mechanism at work and it is taking place at the quantum level.

It is a curious coincidence then that there is a little understood practice among homoeopathic practitioners of not revealing to the subject the identity of the remedy that is being used on them. This practice was a very troubling thing to me until I came across the famous 'double slit experiment' of quantum physics where it has now been proved scientifically and beyond any doubt that the mere act of observation has the effect of collapsing the wave function of particles at the quantum level. Here then is perhaps a plausible explanation as to why homoeopathy works so remarkable well on so called 'dumb' animals, and why it works so notoriously poorly on the actual practitioners of Homoeopathy themselves.

It may take many more years before the mainstream medical establishment comes to terms with the fact that they should indeed be taking the practice of homoeopathy, that has continued to thrive world-wide for almost 250 years, much more seriously. But when that day dawns it will likely be the quantum physicists not the conventional physicians, who will restore this great art to its rightful place in the health care system and the hallowed halls of medical academia.

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