The Enigma of Samuel Hahnemann

A one man, one hour, one act play - by David Board


As part of an outreach effort to bring the benefits of Homoeopathy to a wider public, David Board has produced a short play in which he dresses in 18th Century regalia and plays the part of Samuel Hahnemann who then tells the story of how Samuel Hahnemann, discovered the principals of Homoeopathy.

Along with this fascinating story, there is some humor, some poetry, as well as a great performance that is always followed by a question and answer session, all provided to try and clearly explain what the practice of Classical Homoeopathy is all about.  

In the 250 plus years since Samuel Hahnemann discovered this very safe, simple and effective system of health care, a lot of misconceptions and misunderstanding have grown up around the word or idea of Homoeopathy. This play therefore is David Board's sincere attempt to try and set the record straight and help more people understand this amazing discovery that was made by this wonderful Saxon doctor and multi talented linguist who founded the art of Homoeopathy

If you have a group or organization that would be interested in having David come to you and perform this play, you should contact Sharon at 304 845 1443 and every effort will be made to bring you this presentation.