Homeopathy and Menopause
The truth about HRT

This is a difficult subject to deal with as a Homoeopath. For one thing, the discomfort of Menopause is NOT a disease. It is a natural and normal part of being a woman and as such, there is no remedy that is going to stop the symptoms associated with the body changing.

So the next question is usually "what about Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT then?"

Well, that is an even more difficult question to answer as I am a Homoeopath not a medical doctor. Current research seems to point to some serious problems or risks being associated with HRT. For one thing, there is without a doubt an increased risk of breast cancer and heart disease associated with HRT and if that was not bad enough, researchers in England now report that HRT is closely associated with a shrinking or reduction of the brain and possibly the early onset of Alzheimer's or dementia.

So then there is usually the question, can Homoeopathy reverse these problems after the HRT is over - Or could Homoeopathy be useful in reversing the damage done to the system (if any) during HRT?

I guess that anything is possible in this world. But I wouldn't count on it either. It isn't like there is a specific cure for damage done by HRT in Homoeopathy. The best case outlook would be to hope that if the spirit is fully functioning and self healing is working at an optimum level, then once the HRT is over you would expect the body to fully recover. But there is a serious risk of that not being the case.

Hot Flushes seem to be the biggest complaint I hear associated with menopause. Keeping with the principal of homoeopathic treatment of like cures like, maybe a hot sauna would be a good idea. The process is a natural one and the body seems to need to sweat something out. Why not help it and see if you can get it over with sooner rather than... suppressing the process and probably extending the time that it takes to complete the process.

It is worth remembering that Hormones are some of the most potent and powerful drugs known to medicine. Whenever we 'tinker' with anything this potentially volatile and powerful, well.., we are really playing with fire! And this brings up the final consideration here.

HRT like many Allopathic medical approaches to the human condition is based on the 'one size fits all' model. And you know what you get when you come up with something specifically designed to fit everybody? Something that ultimately fits nobody!

So when it comes to menopause, certainly we can all benefit from being in optimum state of health and Homoeopathy can help us achieve that. However, as far as the symptoms and side effects of menopause itself is concerned; Homoeopathy just will not help with those.  I just wish I could claim that it were otherwise!


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