How to take your Homoeopathic Remedy 

The first time you get a homeopathic remedy it is often a huge disappointment! "What's this?" the recipient usually asks themselves. This happens because we are so accustomed to receiving and then paying for, a huge supply of allopathically prescribed drugs that are designed to pervert or suppress some aspect of the human economy for a prolonged period of time. Usually enough time for the amazing human system to repair itself and for a natural healing process to take place. So naturally we expect our homoeopathic remedy to be similar.

Homoeopathic remedies however are NOT drugs. They work on a totally different principal to drugs and DO NOT contain any molecular structure of the substance from which they are derived. When they are correctly chosen, that is to say needed, they are much more powerful than drugs and this is because instead of the molecular structure of the chosen substance, they contain the pure energetic principal of that substance that is calculated to exert its influence on the ultra molecular matrix that is the human spirit.

The sad but simple truth is that as yet we really have no way to know what is the perfect amount a particular person exactly needs in a given situation, but Hahnemann's principal in practice was to give "The Minimum Dose" and that is what we try to do. 

This is why we generally use a poppy seed-sized pillule and then dissolve that tiny pill in about 4 to 6 ounces of water in a 10 ounce bottle. By then sipping from this aqueous solution, the remedy is introduced as gently as possible to the ailing human matrix.

The really wonderful thing about the homeopathic remedy is that there are no known side effects.  They are not going to do any physical harm to any of the organs of the body.  It is impossible because there are no molecules of the original substance to act on or react to the molecular matrix of the physical person. If the ultra molecular matrix for which they are targeted has no need for them, they are simply forgotten about or ignored! (I use the word forgotten because we think of the dose as being 'remembered' in the water that they are diluted and potentized in).

I believe that the recuperation potential of the human economy is enhanced when it is laying down or resting on the horizontal plane! For this reason I think that it is best to take a remedy as one lays down to sleep at night. This way you are respecting and attempting to work with the body for maximum effect of the remedy rather than against it. Then, for good measure, I like a person to take a 'booster' on rising with the same idea in mind of working with the body that is now going into work mode for the day ahead.    

Finally a note about coffee and mint and other 'strong' medicinal substances.  

My advice is simple. Don't worry about them. If you are taking a course of allopathic drugs prescribed by your doctor, you should continue to do so unless or until you are told you can stop by your doctor. Aside from any health impact to be considered, this is only fair to your doctor who is most likely a very honorable and honest man or woman. He or she takes a lot of responsibility when he or she prescribes these drugs for you. It is just totally unfair then to NOT take those prescriptions in a flippant or irresponsible manner. 

However, you should not take any self prescribed drugs like coffee or mint, etc., to excess. How much is excess? You have to be the judge of that.

Finally, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to feel the effect of a remedy when it is doing its job. This is the strongest argument against taking stimulants while you are taking a remedy.  But I don't think that it is likely that you will interfere with the remedy working by the use of stimulants because they are quite literally working their magic in different dimensions. Unless of course your problem stems directly from the over use of that particular stimulant! If that is the case, it is a habit that needs to be suspended not just while you take the remedy but for the long run.  

                                  The bottom line is... take less rather then more!  Be happy!