Some Basic Theory


The first thing to understand about Homoeopathy is that it will not work for all health problems. If you are involved in a high speed car crash for example... Go to the Emergency room of the nearest hospital as soon as you can. You may have serious physical damage that needs immediate medical attention. You may need surgery, or a blood transfusion or other forms of medical triage.

However, there are conditions that may arise in the course of a lifetime that stem from the body's inability to deal with an acute or chronic condition. On some level beyond the molecular, the human matrix is not fully functioning as it was designed - the body may seem unable to repair or restore itself to health; then Homoeopathy can help in ways that conventional medical technology, with its antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, antispasmodics and so on that are designed to suppress or palliate the effects of disease, are not very likely cure at all. This is because material medicines lack the ability to go to the proximate cause of the problem. They can only affect the material being. But as Samuel Hahnemann tells us in the 12th Aphorism of his great work 'The Organon' "It is the morbidly effected vital force alone that produces disease..."

We live in a vast and mysterious universe. Astrophysicists have very recently discovered that less that 4% of that universe is made up of physical molecules. The standard theory is that the rest of the universe, almost all of it, is made up of dark matter and dark energy that we are unable to prove even exists. The fact that we can't prove it makes it in no way less real - and all the more interesting that Samuel Hahnemann, some 200 years ago, may have been the first man to discover laws that govern this unseen aspect of the universe. It may well take another 200 years or more for the mainstream scientific community to acknowledge the fact!