Confidential Screening Process.

Please try to be totally honest throughout the following process. You will notice that your name and all other identifying information has been excluded from this process. This is to help ensure the confidentiality of the process.


You should clearly understand that your Homoeopath, David Board, is NOT a medical Doctor, nor is he a medical practitioner of any kind. Your Homoeopath is actually a Metaphysician, who simply practices a metaphysical form of disease analysis, and will then attempt to treat you with a metaphysical ultramolecular energetic remedy.   You should also understand that as a Homoeopath he has chosen to bind himself by a Homoeopathic Oath similar to the Hippocratic oath that binds medical practitioners, but an oath that he takes very, very seriously.


There will be no physical examination required during your Homoeopathic consultation. Anything that you feel might help with your case or you want your Homoeopath to see he would be interested in seeing. Anything that you want to keep secret or hidden, your Homoeopath wants you to keep that way. 


You should perhaps also understand that your Homoeopath  carries NO form of medical malpractice insurance. Your Homoeopath cares very much about you but can not accept any responsibility for any changes in your health. Nothing that your Homoeopath gives you will do you any physical harm. By the same token the remedy that he prescribes for you will be of no physical help for you either. What changes take place will be on the ultra-molecular or spirit level. Your own spirit is the Physician and will be the one to provide the help that you seek, God willing!


Finally, let me state again that the remedies that you may be given by your Homeopath have not one molecule of material drug in them. Therefore, these remedies will in no way interact on a physical level with any material drugs that you may be taking from a medical practitioner. If you are currently being treated by a medical practitioner, you should continue with that treatment unless and/or until you have consulted your medical practitioner that you intend to do otherwise. The same too with your Homoeopath. Your Homoeopath needs to know about any medical treatments or care that you are receiving currently. Taking these material drugs will be discussed at length as needs be.








Marital Status


Fears or Phobias



Shower or bath water preference = Cold ... Tepid... Hot...

Drink preference = Hot... Cold... Sweet... Sour....

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