Welcome to my website!

This is the home site for Damian Bariexca's Google Sites presentation at NJEA Headquarters in Trenton, NJ.   Please click on a name on the right to learn more about our participants, who constructed this site collaboratively only an hour after learning how to use Google Sites!

Good Resources/Samples for Google Sites

Google's Directory of Google Sites in Education
Helen Barrett's ePortfolios with Google Apps
Jennifer Dorman's Google Sites Tutorials
Sample Club Website
Sample Teacher Website

Damian's Examples of Student-Generated Sites

(These aren't on Google Sites, but the overall concept is the same - see what parallels you can draw between these English lit-based wikis and your own discipline)

British Romanticism
Course Wiki - Honors Brit
Course Wiki - Sophomore English
Twelfth Night Abridged

The service for tracking website traffic that we looked at in the session is called Statcounter - you can open an account and begin tracking your website's traffic for free today!

Participant Implementation Ideas

  • Reference tools - helpful links
  • Management page - homework reminders, organization help, calendar
  • Archiving vocabulary/worksheets - exam prep
  • End of unit assessment - collaborative project
  • Presenting opposing viewpoints/persuasive skills