Urban Region                    

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One of two Regions created after The Forced Migration of 2050 that initiated a non-military plan of global reorganization in the interest of environmental stability.  As a result, certain cities with former place names of New York, Washington, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Tokyo, Beijing, London, Paris, Munich, Moscow, Hong Kong, Bombay, and Riyadh, were designated URs, each with a designated purpose and each with a guaranteed supply of fresh water and air.  The demographics of each UR is highly controlled.  Because of the privileges afforded residents of such regions, URs have strict population limits and are restricted to residents who have either a/ attained a certain degree of wealth or b/ are considered essential personnel for the maintenance of the facilities, infrastructure and personal needs of UR residents. For information on Sub-Urban Regions see Sub-Urban Regions.  For information on Designated Areas, see DEA and DRRA.