Sub-Urban Region                            

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One of two Regions created after The Forced Migration of 2050, Sub-Urban Regions (SURs) are, like Urban Regions, numbered based on their global positioning.  The population density of SURs appear lower than URs, but the total available land and natural resources available per SUR resident is significantly lower, compared with the median UR ratio.  Another important difference between URs and SURs has to do with the range of materials available, environmental conditioning guidelines, and physical travel.  All objects in SURs must be fabricated from plastic.  The use of natural resources for the production of any object (beds, clothing, dwellings, furniture, appliances) is prohibited.  The sheer abundance of things means that there is nothing preventing anyone from having anything he or she might desire, as long as the said object can be fabricated from plastic.  There are few things—indeed possibly none save living organisms--that cannot be fabricated out of this material.  Experiences, which are available on 180 million interactive channels are likewise limitless for those who live in the SURs.  As a result, residents of SURs live with a sense of constrained abundance.  There is no object or “experience” they cannot obtain virtually. However, physical travel outside of the SUR is prohibited, as is the use of any natural resources from Designated Areas.