Notebook 5.3.0.

Happiness Model

According to my Happiness Model “Wanting” is on the y-axis and “Having” is on the x-axis, and Time, of course, is the z-axis.  Historically, whenever Having equaled or was less than Wanting, total satisfaction resulted.  The problem (in the past) was trying to project into the future the relative importance of the various categories:  Money, Professional Recognition, Romantic Love, Friendship, Health, Intellectual Growth.  But in contemporary society, I’m beginning to see that for all intents and purposes the content of the two categories has been switched. For, all Non-Urban residents have everything they could want all of the time.  What they lack is desire for those things that they have no awareness of.  For them, a tomato is a tomato is a tomato.  With no access to non-GMO food sources and with no access to any non-standard narrational patterns or spontaneously created experiences, both their expectations and the products for those expectations are part of a closed system.  It is no longer possible to desire anything that is not immediately accessible via simulation.