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H2Oh (pronounced H 2 Oh!) is a social networking site owned by the H2Oh Corporation.  Formed by the merger of 76 separate social networking platforms over a period of 22 years, H2Oh, an official network partner of the OneMarket government, has over 10 billion subscribers.  Information posted to H2Oh is stored, mined, and used in the creation of a range of experiential and social products, including "The Smell of Happiness Experience," "Unusual Reactions to Common Occurrences," and "Let's Be Human!"  Informational applications of the same data mining techniques have been used in the creation of a range of products, including the well-known "Making Pictures Talk" and the increasingly popular "What Happened When I Wasn't There."  Defining itself both as a collection repository, as well as a knowledge development engine, H2Oh is now also one of the dominant players in the digital surveillance and machine intelligence sectors.