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The GORGON worm, also known as 84gogolemon@tt, CyborgStripper, Minmal7 and OMGDoNotOpen, was the name later attached by the media and programmers to a piece of source code released on April 25, 2076 that resulted in the longest interruption of the global network services system in history.          

Thought to be developed by a global cyber-crime organization, the GORGON worm, despite over three decades of research, remains anonymous regarding its origins.  Believed to have originated as a targeted attack on the biological computing corporation XY, the effects of the worm were so widespread as to cause commentators to speculate that the scope of its intended actions was much wider. 

Designed using then experimental viral computer engineering tools, the worm froze all network communications by releasing a seed that virtually flooded network protocols by creating a "digital mirroring" effect.  Little understood at the time of the attack, research into such techniques has since eliminated the possibility of future attacks being deployed in a similar manner. 

While the authorship of the worm was the focus of initial investigations into the attack, repair and protection of the global network quickly became the focus of coordinated global repair efforts and OneMarket investigation.  Although academics and conspiracy theorists continue to be interested in the genealogy and history of the attack, it is now understood to have been mostly beneficial to cyber-security initiatives as a result of the increased attention and rigor it brought to research and development of network systems backup technologies and today's line of Predator™ and Vigilante™ embedded network monitoring tools.