Did Darwin's Finches Prove Evolution?

Darwin’s Finches demonstrate Natural Selection, not Evolution

Evolutionists have falsely extrapolated simple cyclical variations into evolutionary change.

Evolutionists confuse  the process of "Natural Selection" with "Evolution". These are two different incongruent, non-convergent processes. One means simply reversable change, while the other assumes complete transformation of the species and their DNA structure- something impossible, regardless of billions of years of "experimentation" and or "adaptation".

"Natural selection is the‘tendency for animals better suited to their environment to survive and reproduce’.". It does not mean a change from one species to another. Finches in the Galapagos Islands grew beaks momentarily during a drought. However, when rain returned to the Galapagos islands, researchers were able to determine that the size of their beaks, also returned to their original size. 

Darwin's Finches Illustration
The different sized beaks in Darwin’s finches
Image from Wikimedia Commons, and is in Public Domain due to copyright expiration.

Evolution Dismantled
journal summarized the issues: "We can conclude, despite the hype, that Darwin’s finches are a wonderful example of natural selection and variation, but not evolutionary change."


Image Source : http://evolutiondismantled.com/finches