Arma 2 - Development    

So, I am in no way a developer or a coder, but I do enjoy Arma2. There are a million scripts, mods and maps out there but we have a small user base and I wanted some specific co-op maps, with a revive function and some variety. I know ACE2 gives us some wider scope but I also wanted to keep in vanilla. Less mods equals more potential  players who want to drop in and give it a try.

This site is about my progress, I'll involve others along the way and we'll see what falls out at the end. Enjoy.

Project at a Glance:

The ARMA2 living world project
  • Populate the ARMA2 landscape with a variety of insurgent and OPFOR instances and NPC's to create a living infrastructure. Introduce an element of randomness to ensure no two missions play the same.
  • Create a single instance of the 'live world' on which to base missions for varying numbers of co-op players
  • Apply mission scenarios on top of the single instance and document scripts and techniques used.
  • Release the missions to dMw and once tested the ARMA community as a whole. 

Project Objectives

A solid base world in which to create limitless scenario opportunities. 

Recent List Items

TitleAssigned ToStatusPriorityDue Date% Complete
Work out how to use Norrins Revive Script Oldbloke 1.) Active 1.) Low May 22, 2010 0% 
Add incumbent locals and patrols to main population areas Benny 1.) Active 2.) Medium May 14, 2010 100% 
Check cause of lag, remove global marker system Benny 1.) Active 3.) High May 13, 2010 100% 
Check lag on volume of entities - create small marker and over-run Benny 1.) Active 2.) Medium May 13, 2010 100% 
Create more intelligent patrols  1.) Active 1.) Low  0% 
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