Germans from Russia

My ancestors are Germanic and lived in the areas of either present
day Russia, or Ukraine. I have separated the website into geographic
areas to make viewing easier for you.

The area west-north-west of Zhitomir (west of Kiev), is one of the areas
within modern Ukraine where Germanic colonists lived. The eastern
part of this area was previously controlled and considered part
of Russia. The following are my ancestors that lived there. There are
also documents linked to the Volhynia page.

Christof Johann Tiede born about 1831 and wife Heinrette born
about 1832. They arrived from a place called either Mroga or Marjanow,
in  Bresin Uezd (Russian or in Polish: Brzeziny), Gubernia Petrokow
(German: Petrikau / Polish: Piotrokow). Please see this link for more
information from the original documents.
They lived in Prutowka (aka Protowka or Neuheim), from at least 1872
onwards with the following three sons and three daughters.
(1) Wilhelm, born about 1854, and his wife Elmira born about 1857,
died 1900, who also lived in Derman (Karolina Derman), near Kurnoye,
up to the 1915 Expropriation.
(2) Fredricka, born about 1858,
(3) Samuel, born about 1861
(4) Carolina, born about 1865
(5) Ferdinand, born about 1869, and his wife Euphsosine Kruger
who lived in Prutowka, also up to the 1915 expropriation. Ferdinand
had at least one son named Adolf (1896), and a grandson Otto and a
granddaughter Alma, who went to Germany during WWII.  Source
is EWZ 907 018.
(6) Justine, born in about 1872.
(7) Ludwig, born about 1877.

August Müller, probably from Poland, who died in 1925, and
wife Karoline Münch, who died 1910 Prutowka, and their children.
(1) Ludwig, born July 8, 1869,
(2) Fredrich, born December 14, and died in 1946 in Kelowna, BC, Canada  
(3) August, born January 29, 1871 (based on St. Petersburg records)
(4) Robert, 
(5) Pauline,
(6) Emilie,
(7) Rudolf,
(8) Emil, born February 5, 1874, who lived in Prutowka up to about 1933 and
        died in Omsk, Siberia on October 4, 1937  at the hands of the NKVD.  A son
        named Asoph went to Montevideo, Uruguay in the 1920s.
(9) Albert, born March 25, 1881. 
Please use this link to view additional information from the area 
known as Volhynia.

South Russia, north east of the Black Sea
The only Gogel to go to Russia according to Dr. Karl Stumpp,
was Johann Gogel in 1818, settled in the colony of Neuhoffnung
near Berdjansk on the Sea of Azoz, and was from Kreis Backnang
For more information on Neuhoffnung, please use this link.

David Gogel: Born 1847 in South Russia and wife Kristine Fuchs
They had 7 children, Christine, David (born in Baronowka), Adam,
Johanna, Konrad, Frederick, and Jacob.
Baronowka is a daughter colony of Neuhoffnung. At least one of the
family went to Terek region, North Caucasus settling in a colony
named Erastov (Russian) or Popov (German). It is not known if
David Gogel is a descendant of Johann Gogel.

North Caucasus, Russia (between Black Sea and Caspian Sea
Johann Neb, born about 1850, lived in Kana (aka Kanowo),
North Caucasus with wife Christina, and at least one daughter
named Katrina, born 1875, and one son named Johann, born 1880.

David Riffel, lived in Kana, North Caucasus, with wife Mina,
and had at least one daughter named Anna born 1880 in Kana.

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