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Information For Staff

Computer Labs & Facilities Use Scheduling
For scheduling events, technology labs, presentations room and auditorium contact:
Tessa Russell
Email: tessar@provo.edu
Phone: Ext 1430

To view scheduling calendar CLICK HERE

Need help? (Check out this list)

DLC Committee Chairs:

Erin Glines – Student Support

Christy Giblon – Teacher Support

Holly Tippetts – Teaching & Learning

Charlie Wardle – Management

 Literacy Coordinator:

Leann Moody

Department Coaches:

Carol Gaylord – Math

Pat Drussel – English

Kimberly Boyd – Science

Brad Monson – Social Studies

Mary James – CTE

Bill Hendrickson – Exploratory

Jen Storey – Special Education

Camille Farias – ELL

 School Testing Coordinators:

Counseling – Phil Sudweeks

English – Robert Lyman

Math – Roy Kanno

Science – Holly Tippetts

 Library/Media Center:

Tessa Russell

 Copy Center, Volunteer Coordinator

AriAnn Hatt

 Custodial and Physical Facilities:

Jeff Hawkins

 Technology Assistant:

Bob Bezzant

Dixon Staff & Teachers Support Committee Q&A
This area was created to offer a series of answers to Dixon's frequently asked questions. Here teachers and staff can post answers to commonly asked questions to help each other out.
(Just click on the question to view an answer)


Want your own web page linked from your disclosure area on the “Meet The Staff Web Site”?


If you don’t have a web site already somewhere, you can create one in Google sites.

Just go to http://sites.google.com and set up an account for free. (You will need to do this from home; district filtering will not allow access to Google sites that are not specifically authorized by the district).


Once you create your sites home page, e-mail me the link you created (http://sites.google.com/site/ YOUR TITLE) and I will submit it to the district to have it cleared for school access.

If you have a page that is hosted somewhere besides Google, try accessing it from in the school, if it will connect just send the link to me and I will add it on for you, if it wont connect, send the link and it can be submitted for authorization by the district to be accessed from within the school.

E-mail: bobb@provo.edu


Find additional help with documents for disclosures, curriculum maps or web page design for your own web page at http://technonerd.info