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    Grades & Credit

    Dixon Administration supports a “no fail” policy
    (A-C, and “I” grades, no “F”s.)

    Grades A, B, C are passing.


    A = Above Proficient

    B = Proficient

    C = Basic competency

    I = Insufficient effort/ no credit.


    Dixon Grading Scale:

    A 93% and above

    A- 90- 92%

    B+ 87- 89%

    B 83- 86%

    B- 80- 82%

    C+ 77- 79%

    C 73- 76%

    C- 70- 72%

    I 69% and below


    If your student has CTE intro to Business, CTE intro to Technology, or CTE intro to FACS, they will not have a grade for Term 1.  This course is a trimester course.  Thus, the grade will be posted on Term 2. 

    Trimester 1 ends November 23 2010

    Trimester 2 ends January 14 2010

    Trimester 3 ends the last day of school.


    O= outstanding citizenship: above and beyond the average acceptable standards of behavior and consideration for others.

    S = satisfactorily meets the standards for classroom behavior

    N= the student needs improvement in their classroom behavior

    U= Indicates that the student’s behavior in class is unsatisfactory, and needs to improve.



    English 2.0 credits required

    Math 2.0 credits required

    Science 1.5 credits required

    Health 0.5 credits required

    Utah studies 0.5 credits required

    US history 1.0 credits required

    Art 0.5 credits required

    Music 0.5 credits required

    PE 1.0 credits required

    TLC 1.0 credits required

    Elective 3.5 credits required


    Total 14 credits required

    (12 or more credits must be earned with a passing grade, to be eligible for promotion)