Advanced, Honors, and GT offerings at Dixon Middle School

Information about Placement into Honor and Advanced Opportunities at Dixon Middle School

Courses available for the 2014-2015 School Year- Additional courses may be offered after enrollment numbers are available.

Seventh Grade Core Classes

            English 7 Honors

            STEM Cohort– Science 7H and Math 7H or Math 7-8 Accelerated

            Math 7H

            Math 7-8 Accelerated

            Science 7 Honors

Seventh Grade Elective Classes

Spanish Immersion

Panther Band

Choir 7Y

Team Ballroom

 Eighth Grade Core Classes

            English 8H

            US History H

            Math 8H

            Secondary Math 1 (SM1)

            Science 8H

            American Studies Cohort (English 8H and History 8H)

            STEM Cohort (Math 8H or SM1 and Science 8H)        

Eighth Grade Elective Classes

Concert Band

             Girl’s Ensemble

             Concert Choir

             Spanish Immersion/Spanish 1


Team Ballroom      

* Dixon Middle School will work with individual families to participate in advanced e-school classes during the school day or other enrollment options as approved by the administration.

Placement Decisions are based on the following Data Sources:

Previous End of Level Testing Data (Must meet or exceed grade level)

             GT Testing- CogAt, Iowa, SAGE

             DRP Scores (50 or higher for English)

             6th Grade Teacher Recommendations

             Student Request

             Previous Academic Grades


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