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Summer Reading Incoming Grade 8 2017

NE Patriots Summer Reading Challenge

Leadership in Literature

The summer reading theme for students entering eighth grade is leadership.  Some people seem to be born leaders, but the rest of us can develop into leaders, and that is one of the goals your teachers this year have for you.  Since you’re now the oldest students in the school, eighth grade is the perfect opportunity to either improve upon your leadership skills or to develop some leadership skills.  

The first part of your mission is to read a book that has something to do with leadership.  We’ve made some book suggestions, but if you’d rather read something else, that’s fine as long as the book you choose has something to say about leadership.  The second part of your mission is to answer the TWO essential questions and the prompt that are written below and address ONE of the three essential tasks.  You are going to type your answers.  If you do this as a google doc, you can share it with me hrose@drregional.org. If you do this assignment by hand, you can just bring it with you on the first day of school.  The final part of your mission is to be ready to participate in a book club discussion about leadership and the book you read.

Essential questions: ( Do both)

ESSENTIAL QUESTION #1  [You have to do this one.]

What is leadership?  In general, what skills, behaviors, and character traits does a leader demonstrate?

ESSENTIAL QUESTION #2  [You also have to do this one.]

How does a major character in the book you read show leadership?  Identify specific skills shown by the character and tell how those skills impacted other characters or what happens in the story.

I want you to address this prompt:   Think of someone in your own life who has shown leadership.  Identify specific skills shown by this person and tell how those skills impacted other people in his/her life.

Essential Tasks

Directions: Choose ONE of the following Essential Tasks below:

ESSENTIAL TASK #1  [There are three essential tasks.  You have to do one of them.]

Evaluate your own leadership skills and potential.  Do you see yourself as a leader?  If you do, explain what makes you a leader.  Can you give an example of a situation in which you were a leader?

ESSENTIAL TASK #2  [If you did essential task #1, you won’t need to do this one.]

Evaluate your own leadership skills and potential.  Do you see yourself as a leader?  If you don’t, identify several skills that you could practice this year that will help you to begin to see yourself as a leader.  Finally, what types of things will you need to do in order to practice these skills?  Try to be specific.

ESSENTIAL TASK #3  [If you didn’t do essential tasks #1 or #2, you need to do this one.]

If you are someone who would prefer not to be a leader, think of some reasons why it would still be worthwhile to develop some leadership skills this year.  Identify at least two leadership skills that you would be willing to work on.  How might having these leadership skills make you more successful over the next year not just in school but in your life outside of school during the next 12 months?

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long does this have to be?  Answer:  Most, if not all, teachers dislike this question.  Your answers need to be long enough to be thoughtful and interesting to read.  Quantity and quality are two different things.

2. Do I have to write in complete sentences?  Yes, of course you do.  We’re your English teachers.

3. Do spelling, capitalization, and punctuation count?  Yes, always.  You’ve been using the English language for many years now, so we’re expecting a certain level of literacy.  Also, handing in work that is neatly and correctly done reflects well on you.  Handing in work that is messy, thoughtless, uninteresting, and/or poorly written reflects badly on you.  Perfection isn’t expected, but effort is, and it counts.  A lot.

Note taking guide: ( This will help you during book club and for the writing activity)

Use sticky notes to comment and mark your book. Be prepared to discuss your book in the book club held during the first few weeks of September.

  • mark pages with interesting or exciting events

  • mark pages that describe your favorite/ least favorite character or thing about the book

  • mark the setting

  • mark any interesting thoughts or quotes you’d like to share with your book club members

  • mark pages that taught you something new

  • mark 5 new words you learned


Book Suggestions

Book Suggestions

Graphic Novels
Fantasy & Science Fiction

 Biography & Memoir
Mystery & Suspense