Mr. Henderson's Civics & Economics Class

Welcome to J.M. Dozier, Jr. Middle School!!!!

My name is Mr. Henderson and I will be teaching about citizenship, how the United States and Virginia governments work. We will also learn how the United States Economic System works.

Our class will be based on a concept called Problem-Based Learning (PBL). With this concept you are presented with information (class notes, lectures, reading assignments, etc.) and then asked to solve a problem that is presented to you and you group members.

You will need to study your class notes everyday, read the newspaper, and watch the television news to see how the world around you is changing. By being aware of what's going on in the world around you, you'll be better prepared to discuss the issues and develop solutions.

Please note that this web page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Hopefully, it will be completed shortly. If the link goes to a blank page just click on another link.

See you in class,

Mr. Henderson