Midnight Mile 2015

Midnight Mile website: http://dmsmidnightmile.weebly.com/ 
Important Dates:
Midnight Mile 2015: Oct. 23rd-24th (9am-9am)
Midnight Mile Registration: Aug. 26th-Sept. 2nd
Week 1 training log will go live on Sept. 2nd.
Logs are due EVERY Wed. by 3:50pm
Late logs are due by Fri. of the same week by 3:50pm. Only two late logs are allowed!
One mile test in PE: week of September 21st   
Two mile test in PE:  week of October 12th 
Last log due: October 21st!               
This log CANNOT be late!
-Concessions:  TBD

It is still your responsibility to get your log turned in on the day that it is due DESPITE illnesses, absences, printer/computer/fax and/or internet problems. While you may choose to email or fax your log please know that technology is not always reliable and this method should be avoided if possible, as we will not be able to make exceptions under such circumstances. The preferred and safest method of turning in your log is to personally hand your log to your PE teacher.


Fax     (847)426-4008