CHI 2009 Sensemaking Workshop Accepted Papers

This is the master list of papers accepted into the CHI 2009 Sensemaking Workshop.  We selected twenty papers out of the 31 submissions.  All the submissions were great, but we only have a limited amount of time and space! 
(Note that the order they're posted here is random.  We will cluster them for presentation at the workshop.) 

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Zip files of all the accepted papers:  

Zip File Part 1
Zip File Part 2

(I broke the zip files into two files, each less than 10Mb for easy downloading.  Be sure to get them both.)

Accepted Papers: 

Selvin & Shum Coherence, Engagement and Usefulness as Sensemaking Criteria in Participatory Media Practice
(For some odd reason, this paper doesn't load into FireFox correctly.  To read on FF or Safari, download the file to your computer, then use Acrobat.)

Sharma & Furnas Sensemaking and its handoff

Paul & Morris Understanding and support sensemaking in collaborative web search

Nelson, Pirolli, Hong, Schiano & Chi  Examining the impact of social annotations in sensemaking tasks

Kirsh  How interaction improves sensemaking

Zelik, Woods & Patterson The supervisor's dilemma: Judging when analysis is sufficiently rigorous

Chen, Qiu, Qu, Yen & Zhang  Intelligent sensemaking of scientific literature through information scent

Kittur, Chau, Faloutsos, Hong  Supporting ad hoc sensemaking: Integrating cognitive, HCI and data mining approaches

MacKay, Watters  Helping user make and keep sense of multi-session web tasks

Faisal, Attfield & Blandford  A classification of sensemaking representations

Muller, Dugan, Weber, Travis & Millen Social-tagging and the vocabulary problem

Vivacqua & Garcia Individual and group work in sensemaking: An ethnographic study

Wu, Zhang & Carroll   Supporting synchronous sensemaking in geo-collaboration

Zhang & Soergel  Examining a Comprehensive Sensemaking Model with User Studies of Computer-Assisted Sensemaking (updated version)

Farooq, Zhang & Carroll  Sensemaking of scholarly literature through tagging

Dou, Jeong, Stukes, Ribarsky, Lipford, Chang  Comparing Usage Patterns of Domain Experts and Novices on Analytical Tasks

Wilson & schraefel   Importance of conveying inter-facet relationships for making sense of unfamiliar domains

Laqua, Sasse, Greenspan & Gates  Making sense of the unknown: knowledge dissemination in organizations

Russell & Pirolli  An overview of sensemaking: CHI 2009

Presentations from the workshop: 

Last edit:  April 16, 2009