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Movie Title :Posse

Writer, director, and star Mario Van Peebles tried to correct historical misconceptions about AfricanAmericans on the frontier with this actionpacked western that's also an homage to spaghetti Westerns. During the SpanishAmerican War, a squadron of black soldiers led by Jesse Lee (Van Peebles) is assigned a dangerous mission behind enemy lines in Cuba by evil Colonel Graham (Billy Zane). Joined by a white gambler, Little J (Stephen Baldwin), the troupe is to recover a chest of gold. Realizing that Graham will slaughter them once they've relinquished the booty, Lee and his men retrieve the chest, wound Graham, and head for home. Ambushed by Graham in New Orleans, the "posse" heads for Lee's hometown of Freemanville, a frontier settlement of exslaves. Years ago, Lee's minister father (Robert Hooks) was murdered there by Klansmen, and the gunslinger wants revenge. There's new trouble brewing in Freemanville, however. Sheriff Bates (Richard Jordan), top lawman in neighboring Cutterville, plans to wipe out Freemanville's citizens and sell their lucrative property to a railroad. Then there's Graham, still on Lee's trail. Karl Williams, Rovi

Year : 1993

Genres : Western

Rating [imdb] : 5.20

The Untold Story of the Wild West From the director of x22New Jack Cityx22

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Actors : Mario Van Peebles=Jesse Lee Stephen Baldwin=Jimmy J. 'Little J' Teeters Charles Lane=Weezie Tommy 'Tiny' Lister=Obobo (as Tiny Lister) Big Daddy Kane=Father Time Billy Zane=Colonel Graham Blair Underwood=Carver Melvin Van Peebles=Papa Joe Salli Richardson-Whitfield=Lana (as Salli Richardson) Tone Loc=Angel Pam Grier=Phoebe Vesta Williams=Vera (as Vesta) Isaac Hayes=Cable Richard Jordan=Sheriff Bates Paul Bartel=Mayor Bigwood Stephen J. Cannell=Jimmy Love Richard Edson=Deputy Tom Nipsey Russell=Snopes Reginald VelJohnson=Preston Woody Strode=Storyteller

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Directors : Mario Van Peebles

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