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There are two distinct types of software licensing: one makes sense, the other does not. One is good, the other is bad. Good software licenses convey additional rights to users (the right to make additional copies, for instance). Bad "licenses" purport to "license" physical property (shiny round plastics discs, and the like); a concept that doesn't even make sense, and the goal of which is to deprive consumers of their ownership rights, and to circumvent copyright law. No, I'm not talking about the difference between free software and non-free software. Read the blog to learn more.

A free, robust, open-source memory leak detection system for Visual C++.

Enhanced version of the OpenSSH server daemon (sshd). It provides automated temporary banning of hosts that make repeated authentication failures while attempting to break in to the OpenSSH server. Works great for stopping automated cracking programs and scanners.

Get your djbdns DNS server to dynamically update its database with IP addresses assigned by a DHCP server. Works with ISC DHCP. This does not make djbdns accept RFC 2136 dynamic DNS updates, but it pretty much accomplishes the same result.

Recent Updates

October 20, 2010

Vernor v. Autodesk threatens your right to own the physical copies of software you bought. See my blog to learn more.

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