What is a tune-up service and why do I need it?

Ever purchase a brand new computer, and then turn it on for the very first time? You go through the setup and then are taken to a clean, fresh out of the box desktop. You start using the computer, and it's fast. It might even be the fastest computer that you have ever owned. You use it over time and then what happens? The computer gets slow. Why does this happen?

The more you use a your computer, the more junk gets on it. When you install software, there are always residual files lurking on the computer, not necessarily doing anything either. Even if you remove the program that put them there, doesn't mean that the junk files go away so easily. Even when you go on the internet, everything that you see on your screen is saved somewhere in your computer. These are called temporary files. While the name says they are temporary, they are there to stay until you remove them. The more of these temporary files you have, the slower your computer will go.

Another aspect of your computer running slower is your registry. When you install software and then remove it later or the software updates itself, it leaves behind traces of data in your registry. The registry on your computer is a database that tells your operating system how to interact with different files. It is not recommended that you edit your own registry, as it can destroy an operating system if the wrong data is edited.

You might be saying, what can I do about all this? The good news; it is a simple process for a computer repair technician to fix everything. The not so good news; It is not a simple process for your average everyday user. That is why we offer a service called a tune-up. What a tune up is, we go into your computer and remove all the temporary files, all the cookies and all those things you were told you should do every now and then. We also fix the registry by removing bad data and making sure that everything works the right way when we are done. We recommend having a repair technician tune-up your computer once every 3 months. Your computer is like a car, if you take care of it, it will last. If you don't, you will have a really slow computer after about a year or two, depending on usage.

For more information on our tune-up service, please live chat with an available technician, or send a request for a callback.
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