Remote Computer Repair
At DM Online Services, we specialize in remote computer repair. Most issues can be fixed without anyone coming to your house or dropping your computer off somewhere. Our remote service normally takes 1 hour to complete, but could be longer depending on the issue. For our remote computer repair services, we charge a flat rate of $80, no matter how long it takes.

Drop-off Repair Service
New at DM Online Services, we also offer drop-off repairs. If your computer is unable to be repaired remotely, you may drop off your computer to one of our expert remote repair technicians. Please note, this service is currently available in the Baltimore, Maryland area only. Please fill out our schedule your repair form, and specify you would like to utilize our drop off service. The closest expert technician will be in touch with you, to discuss scheduling a drop off. Drop off repairs are not subject to our remote $80 repair fee, and may be custom quoted based on your needs. A $50 diagnostic fee applies for any computer that is dropped off, which is payable at time of pickup.

Data Backup/Recovery Service
DM Online Services also offers data backup/recovery services. Some of this can be done remotely, which would fall under the $80 remote repair fee. If data backup/recovery cannot be accomplished remotely, we can do it under the drop-off repair service. Please note that drop-off services are only available to the Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas at this time. A $50 diagnostic fee applies for all data recovery services, but not all data backup services.

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