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Who we are and what we offer

DM Online Services specializes in remote computer repair service. Most of the repairs we do are online, so you never need to unhook your computer, or be home at a specific time, waiting all day for a technician. Most of our remote repairs can be done in an hour. We also diagnose every computer for free before charging for work. We offer the following services online:
    - Virus and malware removal
    - Tune-ups
    - Software installation
    - Software troubleshooting
    - Printer setup
This is only a basic list of what we have to offer. If you have a more specific need, please use our live chat or schedule your repair, and an expert technician will call you.

We also offer computer drop-off services, to our customers in the Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas. Please contact us for more details.

Free Consultations: One of our expert technicians will remotely log into your computer (with your permission) and diagnose your issue before you pay us any money.  We get it right the first time!

Simple: We offer a simple solution for your computer issues. All of our repairs are done online. You are free to go about your day, once one of our technicians is connected to you. This means you do not need to be at the computer while it is being repaired (if you don't want to be). 

Secure: Once service is completed and the technician disconnects, there is no possible way for anyone to access your computer, unless you run the software again and provide the id number and the password.

Fast: Our expert technicians have years of experience, and know all about fixing computers accurately and fast!

Value: Simple pricing means you know what you are paying up front, and because everything we do is remote, we pass the cost savings on to you!

Our Promise: If you aren't happy with our work, we will make it right. We will redo any computer that isn't fixed 100% to your expectations.
 If we are unable to fix your issue for whatever reason, you don't pay!

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