- Allows customer to download remote software. This needs to be used on every service. - Allows Mac customers to download remote software. This needs to be used on every Mac service. - Downloads DM Online Services Toolkit. This needs to be used on the customers computer on every service. - Downloads Webroot System Analyzer. This is our free virus scan tool. This is integrated in the Toolkit software. - Directs customer to the online service request form. All customers should fill this out prior to service. - In the event of a special sale, the sale will be directed here, where they can pay the special price. - If I ever decide to use the live chat feature of the site again, this is where we direct people. - 15% off Facebook deal, when we post it. First time customers only. - We don't really use this. I have it in the event a service will be really quick. Instead of using this, offer additional services.

The remote control process

First thing we do is ask the client to go to from their affected computer. We offer a free consultation on every computer we touch. We need to make sure that the problem is fixable remotely before charging any credit/debit cards. It would get expensive if I had to issue refunds. Once the customer downloads the remote control software, we ask that they provide us with the user id and password displayed on the Teamviewer software. Once we get that, let the customer know we are connecting now, and input the user id/password into your Teamviewer console. You should be able to connect to their computer now. Once you are in, download the DM Online Services Toolkit at Run Webroot System Analyzer from the Toolkit. It will perform scans on the computer, and will tell you the things that need fixed. Check the add/remove programs for known malware/viruses, and if any are found, let the customer know that their computer is infected and needs to be cleaned up. Assure them that our process does not remove personal files and expected repair time should be around an hour, but could be longer depending on the severity of the infection. We have a flat rate of $80, provided that the computer can be completed in one session. Should repairs take more than one session, we would work on a custom quote for the customer so that we don't overcharge. We want return business. We also want word of mouth referrals. Once the customer agrees on the price, click the checkout button in the Toolkit and the payment page will come up. Select the normal service rate (or college rate, but we need email verification. Have the customer send you an email to your address.) and the customer can put in their credit card information. Once that has happened, I will get a notification about a pending transaction. I need to approve it before service can happen. If you don't hear from me within 2 minutes, call me. Once the credit card has been approved, you can proceed with the repair. All the tools you need should be in the Toolkit. You can tell the customer as you are starting that this could take an hour or more, and you do not need to remain with the computer for the duration of the repair. If the customer insists on staying with the computer, simply ask them to not touch the keyboard or mouse until you are finished. You may want to ask also if they would like the computer shut down when service is complete. Start working on the computer.

DM Online Services Toolkit

The Toolkit that I developed has several key elements to it, and most is self explanatory. When you first open it up, it will ask if you are an employee of DM Online Services blah blah blah. You click yes. Clicking no will automatically delete the software from the computer. Once you are in, proceed with the repair, using the tools from the menu. It is recommended that you save the software on the customer's desktop, because with most repairs, you will need to restart the computer. Restarting the computer will not delete the software from the computer, and I don't want copies floating around on people's computers. The software will expire after a period of time, upon which I will need to release a new version of the software. It will always be available at When the service is complete, click the complete service button and it will ask you a series of questions. The first is if the client wants the computer shut down. If you click yes, the software will ask if you are sure. If you click yes again, you will have 2 minutes to complete all of your work before the computer automatically shuts down. You can stop it if necessary by opening command prompt and typing "shutdown -a". Once you get past the second prompt to shut down in the Toolkit, it will ask if you would like the software removed from the computer. Always click yes if you are on a customer's computer. This was one of my more brilliant ideas. The software automatically generates a hidden .bat file on the computer that executes when the toolkit closes and deletes it. The .bat file is left behind, but the customer never sees it because it is hidden. You also need to remove anything you installed, such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. If you do not choose to shut down the computer, it will simply ask if you would like to remove the software from the computer. Always say yes. Once the toolkit closes and self-deletes, the computer will open a webpage that will say that the repair is complete. You can terminate the Teamviewer session at that point.

I will be adding a customer survey soon as part of the toolkit. Probably in the next week or so.