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I'm an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Psychology at Columbia University  in New York City.   My lab studies the neural processes that support human emotion and social behavior.  If are interested in joining my lab please email me (dmobbs at  More details can be found here

Selected Recent Publications and Press (Full list and press hereGoogle Scholar profile

*Mobbs, D., *Hassabis, D. Yu, R., Chu, C., Rushworth, M., Boorman, E., Dalgleish, T. (In press).  Foraging under competition: The neural basis of input matching in humans. Journal of Neuroscience.  *Equal Authors

Schweizer, S., Grahn, J., Hampshire, A., Mobbs, D & Dalgleish, T. (In press).  The neural substrates underlying cognitive gains in working memory and transfer effects onto the cognitive control of emotions.  Journal of Neuroscience.

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Takahashi, H., Kato, M., Matsuura, M.,  Mobbs, D., Suhara, T., Okubo, Y. (2009). When Your Gain Is My Pain and Your Pain is My Gain: Neural Correlates of Envy and Schandenfreude.  Science. pdf  Press: Hidi video,  ABC NewsWall Street Journal

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Mobbs, D., Lau, H.C., Jones, O.D., Frith, C.D. (2007). Law, Responsibility and the Brain.  PLoS-Biology. 5; E103 Pdf

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